Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 17 Episode 32 – Series 17 – Day 24 Highlights & Live Eviction #6, Gillian Leaves

Air Date : Jan 29 2016 | 42 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch Celebrity Big Brother UK season 17 episode 32 online. Stephanie is called to the diary room and is warned about unacceptable behaviour. As part of the this week’s shopping task, the housemates have to enter one of a number of phones and decide whether to take the call or not, as they have an allotted amount of time to speak to people. Gillian rings the house and reveals that if they live clean for a day, they may win more talk time. Jeremy and Stephanie start smoking and it upsets Darren and John as they know that talk time is at risk. Scotty receives a call from Vicky Pattison, Gemma receives a call from Bobby, Christopher Maloney rings the house, Tiffany receives a call from her mother and Darren one from his wife. Emma talks to the house and reveals that Tiffany is safe from eviction.

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