Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 17 Episode 4 – Series 17 – Day 2 Highlights

Air Date : Jan 7 2016 | 52 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the housemates first full day in the Big Brother house. Danniella, Darren and John wake up after their first night in the box. The rest of the house are asked to rate themselves on how annoying they are. As Stephanie, Scotty and Jeremy rate themselves as the most annoying, they have to sort out a huge amount of keys to unlock the rest of the house. As they succeed in unlocking the house, the box housemates are allowed to join the main house. However Scotty, Jeremy and Stephanie’s task isn’t over yet. They are told they have to make killer nominations. Jeremy nominates Nancy, Scotty nominates Winston and Stephanie nominates Kristina. Angie and Christopher have a falling out. As the housemates get ready for bed, Winston gets slightly over friendly with a couple of the ladies, so Gemma steps in.

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