Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 17 Episode 5 – Series 17 – Day 3 Highlights & Live Eviction #1

Air Date : Jan 8 2016 | 43 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch Celebrity Big Brother UK season 17 episode 5 online. Emma Willis presents the first live eviction show of the series. Before tonight’s eviction however Marcus Bentley narrates highlights of the past 24 hours in the Big Brother house. Nancy tells Big Brother about how uncomfortable Winston left her feeling last night, in turn Big Brother calls Winston to the diary room and reminds him of the rules regarding personal space and making other housemates feel uncomfortable in confined spaces. Later the housemates take part in their first task, the house is split into two teams. Team captains Jonathan and John read out statements about their fellow housemates, the other team then have to choose which housemate they believe the statement belongs to. Winston’s statement upsets a lot of the other housemates, as in it he states that a gay couple adopting is like child abuse. Emma goes live to the house and reveals that Kristina is safe and that either Nancy or Winston will be evicted.

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