Cold Feet Season 3 Episode 6 – Episode 6

Air Date : Dec 10 2000 | 46 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch Cold Feet season 3 episode 6 online. Pete and David take Adam on a stag weekend to Belfast and Portrush, where he grew up. At a surprise party, he is reunited with his old girlfriend, Jane Fitzpatrick, and later drunkenly falls asleep in her bed. Pete discovers David’s affair with Jessica, and makes him promise to break up with her when they get home. Meanwhile, Rachel has taken Karen and Jenny to a health spa. Jenny lets slip that she once kissed Adam and Rachel is furious. They make up and decide to meet up with their partners in Northern Ireland. Rachel tells Adam that she knows about him and Jenny and he does not tell her that he kissed Jane the night before.

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