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List of Dickensian episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep20: Episode 20  2/21/2016   18

    Arthur wants to finally become the man that his father envisioned for him, so enquires about services from Fagin and Bill Sikes. Amelia tries her wedding dress on, but her heartstrings are torn after hearing Compeyson's confession. Dodger returns and meets a cold and frightened boy outside the Bumbles.

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  • S1Ep19: Episode 19  2/18/2016   15

    It is the day before the Havisham Wedding and Satis House is being prepared. All must be perfect. While Arthur distracts Compeyson at the pub, Matthew arrives at Satis House with members of the board of the brewery to try and put a stop to the wedding.When Compeyson arrives at Satis House he plays a high-risk game, declaring himself fed up with all the suspicions around him, and calls off the wedding. How will Amelia react to this turn of events?The Bumbles prepare for the arrival of the Board with anticipation of success beyond promotion. With much at stake for Mr Bumble, will all run smoothly?Meanwhile, Edward has arranged for Sir Leicester to visit and Honoria knows that she must face a difficult decision - one that will affect the future of her entire family.

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  • S1Ep18: Episode 18  2/18/2016   12

    Having identified Jacob Marley's killer, Inspector Bucket faces a moral dilemma which threatens to challenge the foundations of the New Detective.Meanwhile Arthur Havisham is devastated and fears he has lost any chance of reconciling with his sister. He is also stricken with guilt at setting her up with Compeyson. Then out of the blue, his possible salvation arrives - Matthew Pocket back from America and determined to prevent Amelia's doomed wedding.

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  • S1Ep17: Episode 17  2/12/2016   14

    Inspector Bucket has officially been taken off the case of Jacob Marley's murder - but before he goes back to his old station he is determined to have one last shot at solving the conundrum.While he is retracing Marley's last steps with Mr Venus, Bucket arrives at a new theory: this killer was neither a criminal nor a thug, but a scared individual who had been the victim of Marley's punishing debt-collecting. All he has in concrete though is a splinter of wood from the murder weapon.Meanwhile, Compeyson is unaware that Amelia saw him kissing Sally. When he arrives at Satis House, he is surprised by the frosty reception he receives. Will he be able to turn things around again?Having recovered from his drunken excess of last night, Hawdon rushes to Barbary House to discover Honoria a shadow of herself. Honoria informs him of the death of their child and makes a rash decision about their future.Elsewhere, Inspector Bucket uncovers some evidence that finally enables him to solve the murder case.

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  • S1Ep16: Episode 16  2/11/2016   6

    Honoria Barbary is going into labour. Her waters break just as she is planning to leave the family home, leaving her stranded and at her most vulnerable with her older sister Frances. Edward Barbary isn't at home and even the maid has the day off so the two girls are entirely alone.Not knowing the first thing about childbirth, Frances sends note with a messenger boy to Captain Hawdon requesting a doctor. The boy finds Hawdon in the pub, drunk and loudly bemoaning his lot. Seeing the note is from Frances, Hawdon throws it into the fire without reading it. What repercussions will this drunken decision have for Honoria and her unborn child?Back at the house, emotions are running high as the intensity of the crisis brings out all the suppressed feelings between the two sisters, bringing them closer. However, Frances is left with a terrible decision to make.

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  • S1Ep15: Episode 15  2/4/2016   10

    Captain Hawdon secretly visits Honoria for a good luck kiss before his interview to achieve promotion: it seems everything is going their way. However, Honoria is stunned when she discovers that Frances scuppered his first chance of promotion and forged a letter to Sir Leicester. As tempers flare and the argument threatens to spiral out of control there are alarming consequences for Honoria.Meanwhile Arthur and Jaggers express their doubts to Amelia about Compeyson. On the way back from buying a wedding present, Amelia spots Compeyson embracing Sally, leaving her devastated.Elsewhere another body is discovered and - in a show of no confidence - Bucket is removed from the case. His replacement, Inspector Thompson, beats a confession out of a suspect but Bucket is convinced the murders were committed by two different killers.Mr Bumble's interview was a disaster but he is given a second chance - his workhouse will be inspected in two weeks time.Fagin returns from prison to find Bill Sikes holding a bag of cash for Nancy. Fagin knows that the money is his, but as Bill stands with a snarling Bullseye, there is little Fagin can do.

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  • S1Ep14: Episode 14  2/4/2016   14

    Inspector Bucket needs to get to Dodger before any of Fagin's cronies can. Using Nancy, he gets Dodger to the Three Cripples - but will Nancy regret placing her trust in the detective?Delighted she no longer needs to marry Sir Leicester, Honoria calls Hawdon to the house to reveal the good news. Faced with yet more family shame, Frances meets Sir Leicester and tells him that Honoria is away with a sick relative, but begged to be kept in his thoughts.Meanwhile, Compeyson tells Arthur that Amelia is more than a match for him, but he could persuade her to buy Arthur's share of the brewery at an inflated price. Desperate to claw his way out of the mess he is in, Arthur accepts. Will this be the end of Arthur's problems with Compeyson?Elsewhere, Mr Venus provides Tiny Tim with a new crutch - and aware of his family's extreme financial difficulties, Peter makes a difficult decision.

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  • S1Ep13: Episode 13  1/28/2016   

    Amelia visits Honoria at work to deliver some surprising news. After she leaves, Honoria pens a letter and sends it with the Boy - is it to Captain Hawdon?When Amelia shares her news with Arthur and Jaggers they both warn her off rushing into things with Compeyson. Every rejection makes Amelia more determined: she will be happy.Elsewhere, Bucket is running out of reasons to keep Fagin in prison. In the Three Cripples, he spots Compeyson's wallet with very distinctive markings - JM for Jacob Marley. Compeyson explains that he bought the wallet from the Old Curiosity shop and Nell tells Bucket she got the wallet from Fagin. Will Fagin be able to explain how he came to have the wallet in his possession?

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  • S1Ep12: Episode 12  1/27/2016   

    Compeyson comes closer to getting his hands on Amelia's inheritance when she invites him to the shareholders' meeting, confident she will need his assistance in running the business. Inspector Bucket makes a shocking discovery at Croucher's Warehouse, giving him enough evidence to arrest Fagin for the murder of Jacob Marley. Peter gives his savings to his mother after seeing her weep over Tim's poor health, and Mrs Gamp may have outstayed her welcome with Silas.

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  • S1Ep11: Episode 11  1/22/2016   15

    Honoria faces up to the reality of her father's desperate situation and what it means for her relationship with Captain Hawdon. Bucket's patience is rewarded when new evidence leads to a surprise discovery.

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  • S1Ep10: Episode 10  1/21/2016   13

    Compeyson is officially courting Miss Havisham and, in order to seem a more credible suitor, he demands money from Arthur, who is forced to sell personal family items to obtain the money. Elsewhere, Honoria is determined to solve her father's debt problems and avoid an arranged marriage with Sir Leicester, while the Bumbles entertain Mr Gradgrind, and the Cratchits worry about Tiny Tim.

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  • S1Ep9: Episode 9  1/14/2016   14

    Edward finds that his situation is deteriorating as Scrooge demands that his loan be repaid. Amelia is surprised when Compeyson arrives with a present, as she struggles to move on past losing Jip.

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  • S1Ep8: Episode 8  1/13/2016   11

    Arthur needs to find the courage to confide in Matthew before Compeyson's plan comes into effect. Inspector Bucket catches sight of Barbary.

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  • S1Ep7: Episode 7  1/7/2016   

    Comepeyson is concerned when he learns of a potential rival at Satis House. A drunken prank goes dangerously wrong.

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  • S1Ep6: Episode 6  1/6/2016   

    Bob Cratchit is desperate to clear his name so that he can get home in time for his daughters wedding. Amelia is confused but intrigued by Compeyson.

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  • S1Ep5: Episode 5  1/1/2016   

    Compeyson is desperate for Miss Havisham to notice him. Martha Cratchit finds her plans thrown into turmoil.

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  • S1Ep4: Episode 4  12/27/2015   

    Amelia is happy to see her brother Arthur at the annual Havisham New Years party. Frances rekindles a old friendship, hoping it may lead to more.

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  • S1Ep3: Episode 3  12/27/2015   

    Bucket meets his enemy Fagin as he believes he may be involved in Marley's murder. Frances thinks she can scupper her sister's plans.

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  • S1Ep2: Episode 2  12/26/2015   

    The Christmas Day celebrations are cut short when news of Jacob Marley's murder passes through the town. Inspector Bucket begins his murder investigation. Amelia is rescued again.

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  • S1Ep1: Episode 1  12/26/2015   

    Amelia and Arthur Havisham gather on Christmas Eve to hear the reading of their father's will. Jacob Marley collects debts from the sick and needy.

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