Doctor Who Season 0 Episode 15 – The Invasion of Time Supplemental DVD

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Watch Doctor Who season 0 episode 15 online. Out Of Time – The cast and crew look back at the making of the story. With actors Louise Jameson [Leela] , John Leeson [K-9] , Chris Tranchell [ Andred], Milton Johns [Castellan Kelner], script editor Anthony Read and visual effects designer Colin Mapson.The Rise And Fall of Gallifrey – A look at how the portrayal of the Time Lords and their home planet of Gallifrey has changed over the years. With script editors Terrance Dicks and Anthony Read, and former Doctor Who Magazine editors Gary Russell and Alan Barnes.The Elusive David Agnew – Who is the mysterious David Agnew, the writer of this story? script Editors Terrance Dicks and Anthony Read try to get to the bottom of the mystery…Deleted Scenes – Deleted scenes from the film sequences for parts 5 and 6Continuity – BBC1 continuity announcements from the the story’s original transmission.Radio Times Billings – Original listings from the Radio Times (DVD-ROM PC/MAC)Photo GalleryComing Soon TrailerProduction Subtitles

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