Doctor Who Season 0 Episode 32 – The Invasion Supplemental DVD

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Watch Doctor Who season 0 episode 32 online. Flash Frames – 11-Minute Featurette on the Creation of the Animated Episodes 1 and 4 with Cosgrove Hall’s Animation TeamLove Off-Air – An Affectionate 15-Minute Tribute to the People Dedicated Enough to Capture the Soundtracks of Doctor Who in the 1960s, Enabling the Recreated Episodes on this DVDAnimation TrailerCharacter Design – Short Showcase of Steve Maher’s Character Design for Animated EpisodesEvolution of the Invasion – 49-Minute “Making of” FeaturetteVHS Links – Nicholas Courtney’s Links from the 1993 Video Release of The InvasionProduction Notes Subtitle OptionPhoto Gallery

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