Doctor Who Season 0 Episode 76 – The War Games Supplemental DVD

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Summary: War Zone – The making of Patrick Troughton’s epic swansong.Shades of Grey – The effect of monochrome television on early productions.Now and Then – The locations of ‘The War Games’ forty years on.The Doctor’s Composer – Dudley Simpson looks back at his first five years.Sylvia James – In Conversation.Talking About Regeneration – Explores the ideas involved and takes a closer look at each of the Doctor’s regenerations.Time Zones – Historians discuss the reality behind the various time zones featured in ‘The War Games’.Stripped for Action – The Second DoctorOn Target – Malcolm Hulke – The first in a series of features on the Target range of TV story novelizations looks at the work of writer Malcolm Hulke.Devious – For over a decade, a group of friends on England’s south coast met on weekends to shoot an amateur Doctor Who film – ‘Devious’.Photo GallerySubtitle Production NotesPDF material• Coming Soon

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