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List of Eat Drink Love episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep8: The Final Course  9/26/2013   8

    Nina struggles to improve her food before the pop-up dinner; a confrontation between Lindsay and Kat causes Nina to melt down.

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  • S1Ep7: Taste Test  9/19/2013   4
  • S1Ep6: Palate Cleanser  9/12/2013   6
  • S1Ep5: Bottle Shock  9/5/2013   6
  • S1Ep4: Reputation Is Everything  8/29/2013   10

    Jessica wants her father's approval; Waylynn breaks her own policy; Jessica makes a snap decision, surprising Lindsay; Brenda confronts Kat about her reputation; Jessica's career is put into jeopardy.

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  • S1Ep3: Show & Tells a Lot  8/25/2013   2

    Nina's feeling isolated in LA so she turns to longtime family friend, Lauren Hutton, for advice and throws an adult "show and tell" party in the hopes of strengthening her friendships. Waylynn relives a bittersweet memory by putting on her dream wedding dress she never got to wear. And when her "no-chef" policy is challenged, will she cave in? Meanwhile, Brenda and Kat attend a very exclusive charity dinner where Kat is the flirty center of attention, but when Kat starts getting texts at the table, Brenda makes an accusation that puts Kat on the defensive.

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  • S1Ep2: Hanging Out With the Big Boys  8/18/2013   8

    With LA Food & Wine Festival just days away, Nina and Jessica scramble to make a big mark on the local food scene. When faced with a last-minute change to her menu, Nina’s first impression may be her last. Meanwhile, Jessica pushes her team to take Fuku Burger to the next level, but is her motley crew ready for the big leagues? Then, Waylynn celebrates Fonuts’ one-year anniversary with an interview for EaterLA with Kat. But excitement turns to anger when Kat can’t keep the facts straight.

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  • S1Ep1: For Starters  8/11/2013   11

    In the premiere episode, we meet five women who are climbing their way to the top of the red hot LA food scene. Acclaimed pastry chef Waylynn has sworn off dating bad-boy chefs, but a secret admirer may encourage her to break her rule. Private chef Nina has aspirations of becoming a restaurant chef, but when she’s put to the test at one LA's busiest kitchens, she questions if she has what it takes. Petite firecracker Jessica has risen to the top at famed restaurateur Harry Morton's latest venture, and is poised to soar even higher if she can make her presence known among all of the big boys. High-powered, influential food blogger Kat has a unique relationship with culinary publicist, Brenda. Although they may need each other professionally, they don’t always get along socially. When Kat rattles off how many cute guys she’s dating in the food industry, Brenda uses it against her at the worst possible moment. In an industry dominated by men, these women need to stick together...but can they?

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