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Season 8

  • S8Ep8: The End (Finale)  9/11/2011   1

    This is the series finale of Entourage season 8. In the episode, Vince takes a surprising step after a first date with Sophia while a therapy session yields mixed results for Ari and Mrs. Ari. Later Vince, Drama and Turtle urge Sloan to work things out with Eric.

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  • S8Ep7: Second to Last  9/4/2011   1

    Turtle turns to his investors for more money when his new business partners eye an expensive property. Meanwhile, Eric and Melinda crash to date of Sloan while the miner movie gets personal for Ari; and Vince woos Sophia. Entourage season 8 episode 7 was directed by Kevin Connolly and written by Ally Musika.

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  • S8Ep6: The Big Bang  8/28/2011   3

    Ari gets unsettling news from his lawyer about his divorce while Eric is floored by a gift from Melinda, but unnerved by a revelation from Johnny Galecki. Meanwhile, Vince deals with the fallout from his interview while Turtle meets his new business partners. Entourage season 8 episode 6 was directed by David Nutter and story written by Doug Ellin & Jerry Ferrara.

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  • S8Ep5: Motherf*cker  8/21/2011   3

    Eric takes a meeting with Melinda Clarke and Johnny Drama is hell-bent on getting Andrew Dice Clay back in order to save his show. Meanwhile, Vince has an interview with Vanity Fair. Entourage season 8 episode 5 was directed by David Nutter and story written by Ally Musika.

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  • S8Ep4: Whiz Kid  8/14/2011   3

    [caption id="attachment_9505" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Entourage Season 8 Episode 4 - Whiz Kid"][/caption] Shauna goes into damage-control mode when Vince must pass a drug test after being caught in a compromising position while Ari escorts an old flame to the restaurant of Bobby Flay to get back at his wife following a rancorous session of couples therapy.

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  • S8Ep3: One Last Shot  8/7/2011   2

    [caption id="attachment_9505" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Entourage Season 8 Episode 3 - One Last Shot"][/caption] A ever kind Vince defies the advises of his friends which resulted for his old nemesis, producer Carl Ertz (Kim Coates) to have a second chance when he claims to be interested in the miner movie. On the other hand, Andrew Dice Clay takes a stand on his "Johnny's Bananas" contract, despite the disapproval of Drama. Elsewhere, Lloyd convinces Ari to go on a date and Turtle has a meeting with his boss about his future with Avion. Entourage season 8 episode 3: One Last Shot was directed by Dan Attias and written by Wesley Nickerson III & Kenny Neibart.

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  • S8Ep2: Out With a Bang  7/31/2011   2

    [caption id="attachment_9505" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Entourage Season 8 Episode 2 - Out With a Bang"][/caption] Next on Entourage season 8, Vince next new film which turns to be a TV drama movie, will be possibly reviewed by Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro). On the other hand, Ari forces Lloyd to track back his steps when he hears disturbing news about Mrs. Ari. Meanwhile, the Drama's "Johnny's Bananas" costar Andrew Dice Clay needs representation and Eric plays phone tag with Sloan.

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  • S8Ep1:   7/24/2011   1

    Its the return of Entourage this July 24, 2011 Sunday night on HBO as the first episode of season 8 of the series features the title "Home Sweet Home." Entourage is a drama/comedy series which stars Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Jeremy Piven, Debi Mazar, Perrey Reeves, Rex Lee, Rhys Coiro, Gary Cole, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Scott Caan. The 8th season is said to be the last season of the series and producers of this show is planning to have a film based on this series and will be composed of 8 episodes - which will be tried to cover by Telepisodes. On the premiere episode of the 8th season, Home Sweet Home, the guys go to extremes to keep Vince away from temptation after he gets out of rehab, but they are also worried about triggering a relapse when he is so excited about a lame idea for a movie. Meanwhile, Ari pleads with his wife to end their separation; and Eric and Scott court new clients for their fledgling management company. Watch Entourage season 8 episode 1: Home Sweet Home online replay here at Telepisodes dot net via the external links below.

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