Grand Designs Season 17 Episode 2 – Horsham: Black House

Air Date : Sep 28 2016 | 268 Views | 3 Link Submissions | 0 comment(s)

Watch Grand Designs season 17 episode 2 online. Why are our homes so often designed to be so serious and purely practical? Surely there’s space for a bit more fun? That’s what Matt and Sophie White from Sussex believe. They want to build a giant family house of fun for themselves and their children. It will be a mysterious black home kitted out with a revolving bookcase door, secret dens, hiding places behind one-way mirrors and a fireman’s pole. Matt wants the house to evolve, so he uses a steel frame system which means they can change the layout whenever they want. There are other changes too – like amending the window shapes and sizes and adding a new half floor to create a James Bond room. Just what will this house look like in the end?

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