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List of Hand of God episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep10: The Tie That Binds  9/4/2015   

    With newfound evidence and renewed conviction, Pernell believes he's finally uncovered the truth of PJ's suicide and who was behind Jocelyn's rape. Crystal intervenes, fearing her husband is suffering a relapse that may have serious consequences. Bobo must confront what he's sacrificed for the Brooks deal. Paul and Alicia receive news that could destroy everything they've been working for.

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  • S1Ep9: A Flower That Bees Prefer  9/4/2015   

    Pernell struggles to suppress his intensifying hallucinations, as the legal battle with Jocelyn over PJ's life comes to a dramatic conclusion. Alicia is faced with a difficult decision that could affect both Paul and the future of Hand of God. KD unravels as he questions whether he placed his faith in a false prophet.

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  • S1Ep8: One Saved Message  9/4/2015   

    When a deadly mistake leads Pernell to question his anointed status, he seeks help from a no-nonsense therapist, and begins to recall his unraveling after PJ's suicide. Crystal and Bobo face backlash for enabling Pernell. Alicia and Paul come to grips with a difficult decision, while KD deals with his own guilt. Jocelyn becomes suspicious of Pernell.

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  • S1Ep7: A Bird in Hand  9/4/2015   

    With Pernell close to fulfilling his mission, he dispatches KD to serve justice. Paul and Alicia train with the televangelists to become picture-perfect TV Christians - still contending with Alicia's secret. Crystal finds damning evidence of Pernell's extramarital affairs, and debates what to do about it. Jocelyn goes public with her own personal burden in an attempt to finally heal.

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  • S1Ep6: For the Rain to Gather  9/4/2015   

    When KD returns with new clues, Pernell's call girl Tessie agrees to go undercover to follow the trail. Pernell enlists the church to stage a prayer vigil for PJ, interrupting Jocelyn's plans. April bonds with Alicia and gets wind of a potentially explosive secret. Pernell realizes Crystal may have crossed the line while trying to help him. And Bobo risks losing his dignity - and his son's respect.

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  • S1Ep5: Welcome the Stranger  9/4/2015   

    KD goes to jail to find out who ordered Jocelyn's rape. Pernell joins Bobo at a men's-only retreat to convince the DWP chair to help with the Brooks plan. Pernell struggles to reconcile his new faith with his love for a call girl, just as he must compete for Tessie's affection. Paul and Alicia audition for a powerful televangelist, while friends from Paul's past threaten his success.

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  • S1Ep4: He So Loved  9/4/2015   

    Pernell is torn when a vision convinces him to betray someone close to him to get answers about who hurt Jocelyn. Crystal is frustrated when Pernell refuses to take a prescription, and recruits her weed dealer, April, to spy inside Hand of God. Tessie's estranged brother reaches out and convinces her to get answers from Bobo about the family's eviction - and whether it's tied to the Brooks deal.

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  • S1Ep3: Contemplating the Body  9/4/2015   

    With KD under police surveillance and the Brooks deal hanging by a thread, Pernell must pass a psych evaluation, apologize on the record, and get his hands dirtier than he ever has before. Jocelyn's grief has taken on a dangerous ritual, just as Crystal pressures the lawyer to drop her daughter-in-law's case. At Hand of God chapel, Alicia and Paul prepare a high-profile meal for the homeless.

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  • S1Ep2: Season 1, Episode 2  9/4/2015   14
  • S1Ep1: Pilot  8/28/2014   34

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