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List of How Britain Worked episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep6:   11/25/2012  

    Guy is at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens where hidden behind its fragrant borders he finds a hidden world of hi-tech Victorian engineering and show-off architecture.

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  • S1Ep5:   11/18/2012  

    Guy assists with the

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  • S1Ep4:   11/11/2012  

    This week, Guy's project is the first piston engine ever created. The Newcomen Beam Engine was the first practical device to harness the power of steam and started the Industrial Revolution by allowing coal mining to operate on an industrial scale.

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  • S1Ep3:   11/4/2012  

    Guy visits Llandudno to help get this Queen of Victorian resorts up to scratch in time for the summer season. The great British seaside holiday was a largely Victorian invention. Once it had caught on, tiny fishing villages up and down the country were transformed into giant pleasure parks complete with all the latest attractions. Over the course of the winter, Guy gets stuck into essential and dangerous restoration work on the town's magnificent pier, rebuilds a towering original helter-skelter ride and gets up to his elbows in grease servicing the town's funicular tramway. He learns how our appetite for sea-bathing began when word began to spread that it was good for the glands. He finds out how the engineering developments taking place in the great factories also led to a revolution in musical instruments. And he joins a brass band to play his part in a special promenade concert - with mixed results...

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  • S1Ep2:   10/28/2012  

    Guy works to get a Yorkshire saw mill up and running again, and then use it to make a replica of one of the less-celebrated inventions of the Victorian era: the first pedal-powered bicycle. Using his engineering skills, Guy helps the restoration team repair the ingenious water turbine that's needed to power the whole of Gayle Mill in Wensleydale, but which is currently leaking 43 litres of water a second. He ropes in his old mate Mave, who's a carpenter, to help fell a tree by hand, transport it to the mill on a steam traction engine and then use it to make his bike. Along the way, Guy learns about the lives of factory workers: the foot soldiers of the Industrial Revolution. He discovers how the mechanisation of farming left many with no choice but to head for the new industrial cities and towns and how child apprentices were often little more than slave labour. If Guy can get the mill running and build his bike, it'll need a test run and, as Guy is a man who likes a bit of an adrenalin rush, this is unlikely to be a gentle trundle across the dales!

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  • S1Ep1:   10/21/2012  

    Guy helps to overhaul a steam locomotive used on the popular Severn Valley Railway, a 16-mile stretch of track in Shropshire preserved to look just as it did in the 19th century. He joins a team of volunteers, some as young as 17, to help repair its boiler, safety valves and one of its two-tonne wheels. He also lays some track using exactly the same methods as the notorious 'navvies' - the hard-drinking, hard-living labourers who laid Britain's railway infrastructure by hand. Guy learns the dying arts of the Victorian blacksmith to make a coal shovel out of wrought iron, and repairs a century-old train driver's pocket watch using washers just 1mm wide. If everything can be made to work then Guy will get the chance to try his hand at every young boy's dream job: steam train driver.

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