Jane The Virgin Season 2 Episode 10 – Chapter Thirty-Two

Air Date : Feb 1 2016 | 134 Views | 21 Link Submissions | 0 comment(s)

Watch Jane The Virgin season 2 episode 10 online. In the middle of the night, Jane gets a burst of creative energy and starts her thesis. Unfortunately, Mateo spills orange juice all over her computer causing it to crash and Jane loses all her hard work. When Jane brings her computer to be fixed, she meets Dax and with the urging of her friend Lina, Jane considers dating again. Rogelio decides to have his mother Liliana become his manager, but soon realizes that was not the best decision. When Rafael comes to after being attacked by his mother now known to be the crime lord Mutter, he goes to Michael and tells him what Mutter is looking for.

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