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Season 2

Season 1

  • S1Ep6: Suited and Booted  12/16/2015  

    It's Josh's birthday, so Kate and Owen decide to organise him a fancy-dress party. Josh is not keen, but he relents in the hope that it might give him a chance with Lucy, who lives upstairs and is so nice she would make Mother Teresa look like Katie Hopkins. Meanwhile, Kate meets her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend Cath, who is obsessed with YouTube videos and will not be deterred by either lack of interest or buffering. And, inevitably, Geoff pops by the party wearing a suitably impractical costume.

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  • S1Ep5: Homme and Away  12/9/2015  

    Geoff watches Josh perform an unsuccessful stand-up gig and decides to take it upon himself to help Josh's career. Which means only one thing - a trip to Clacton and an onstage performance with the ChuckleBrothers. Can Josh cheat Geoff and avoid this humiliating fate? Meanwhile in Clacton, Kate and Owen put their competitive personalities to one side in order to try and win a cuddly toy that just so happens to look like a certain curly-haired Devonian.

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  • S1Ep4: Teabag and No Sympathy  12/2/2015  

    Teabag, Owen's friend from home, comes to stay and treats the flatmates to a weekend full of 'lad banter'. Which roughly translates to terrorising everyone with a potent mix of alcohol and sexual euphemisms. Meanwhile, Josh's friend Mike is having girlfriend trouble (mainly caused by Josh), and Kate asks Geoff to redecorate her room, with mixed results.

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  • S1Ep3: Wedding and Waiting  11/25/2015  

    Josh and Owen have tickets to the darts, but can't afford to get drunk in preparation - which is a bit like going to war without a gun, only more dangerous. Fortunately, Owen's cousin is getting married, so they head to the wedding in anticipation of some free afternoon drinking. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, while waiting for a new phone to be delivered, Kate struggles to entertain herself in the flat. Just how mad can one woman go in 12 lonely hours?

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  • S1Ep2: Mum and Dad  11/18/2015  

    Josh goes on a date with Lily, an old classmate who used to be the 'hottest girl in school'. Lily seems curiously attracted to Josh's inadequacies, but will he be able to seal the deal or will her over-protective father get in the way of true lust? Kate's mum comes to stay and finds herself the object of Geoff's affections, but will Owen turn out to be the one she really wants in the weirdest love triangle ever?

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  • S1Ep1: Swimming and Kissing  11/11/2015  

    Josh gets invited to the event of the summer. The only trouble is that it's a pool party and he can't swim. But can Geoff teach him in time? After a date with Owen's friend, Kate receives an unflattering critique of her kissing technique.

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