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Season 4

  • S4Ep15: The Final  11/25/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. With the signature and technical challenges under their belts, the finalists are back in the tent for the final time, for the final showstopper of the series. Everything rests on what the finalists bake. They have to create an impressive, layered cake fit to serve at a royal garden party and their friends and family are gathering outside to support them in their final challenge. From the 40 bakers who entered the tent there are now only three, and one of them will be crowned Junior Bake Off Champion 2016.

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  • S4Ep14: The Final  11/24/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. The three finalists face two days of baking challenges before one of them is crowned Junior Bake Off Champion 2016. Today they must produce two different canapes made with rough puff pastry for their first ever signature challenge and whilst the bakes themselves aren't a surprise, the guests they are making them for are. Sam and Mark welcome vloggers Marcus Butler and Oli White to the tent to assist the judges in tasting the bakes and much to the delight of the finalists who are massive Marcus and Oli fans. After all that excitement, the judges really step up the pressure by giving the bakers their final and toughest technical challenge yet - a surprise recipe for chocolate passion fruit meringue pies.

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  • S4Ep13: The Semi-Final  11/23/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. It's time for the semi-final and it's time for things to hot up in the Bake Off tent, as the remaining five bakers try to blow the baking socks off judges Nadiya Hussain and Allegra McEvedy. First, the semi-finalists face a gruelling technical knowledge test - including creating a perfectly plaited loaf, with a blindfolded taste challenge. Then they must conquer enriched dough, to produce 12 show-stopping regional buns worthy of a place in the Junior Bake Off final. Sam and Mark oversee proceedings and try to keep everyone semi-calm!

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  • S4Ep12: Second Quarter-Final  11/22/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. It is the second quarter-final and five more bakers enter the Bake Off tent to face judges Nadiya Hussain and Allegra McEvedy. The technical bake sees the bakers tied up in doughy knots as they try to follow Allegra's recipe for baked pretzels and dip. In the show-stopper challenge the bakers have to produce 12 eclairs. They will need to pull out all the stops to present perfectly piped and deliciously flavoured eclairs if they are to go through, but only three can win a place in the semi-final.

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  • S4Ep11: First Quarter-Final  11/21/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. It is the start of finals, where 40 bakers have been reduced to just ten and now the first five quarter-finalists enter the Bake Off tent, all targeting a place in the semi-finals. Judges Allegra McEvedy and Nadiya Hussain have shifted it up a gear in challenge difficulty with one of Nadiya's recipes for mini orange and chocolate hazelnut dacquoise and then, for the first time this year, the bakers face pastry and have to come up with show-stopping savoury galettes.

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  • S4Ep10: Heat Ten  11/18/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. It's the last of the Junior Bake Off heats and just one place remains in the quarter finals. The four remaining bakers to enter the tent for the most coveted spot are Rachel, Mimi, Yasmin and Tom. Judges Nadiya and Allegra have set a tricky technical that will test their baking know-how with a surprise recipe for Chiffon Cakes. For the showstopper challenge the bakers must showcase their artistic side, creating detailed artwork on a painted cake. But who will portray the personality and creativity and impress the judges enough to put them through?

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  • S4Ep9: Heat Nine  11/17/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. Judges Nadiya and Allegra set bakers a technical recipe for a British classic Battenburg with a bit of a twist. This rhubarb and custard version tests the bakers' precision skills as they must make four identical sponges and construct them into the perfect checkerboard. Harvey, Joseph, Macy and Sophie produce a showstopping selfie on a giant cookie. How will they portray themselves in icing and how evenly baked will their whopping 30cm cookie turn out? It's for one of the last two places in the quarter-finals so Nadiya and Allegra are looking for perfection.

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  • S4Ep8: Heat Eight  11/16/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. Nadiya and Allegra give four more junior bakers, Lottie, Harry, Ffion and Mehdi, the chance to compete for just one place in the quarter-finals. The technical challenge is one of Allegra's recipes for pizzetta bianchi. Which baker will achieve pizza perfection with these thin, mini white pizzas? Next the bakers have to invent a dessert in show-stopping cake form. Expect blackberry crumbles, lemon meringue pies and even jelly and ice cream to be transformed into cake.

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  • S4Ep7: Heat Seven  11/15/2016  

    The country's best young bakers go head to head. Judges Nadiya and Allegra are looking for another quarter-finalist and bakers Mia, Jamie, JJ and Maisie are tasked with making an identical batch of prune and carrot cupcakes, topped with beautifully uniform piped frosting. While one baker forgets an essential ingredient, another sends cream flying, making for an eventful technical challenge and the drama continues in the showstopper when the bakers produce 12 biscuit pops and one baker omits an essential part of the bake. But will it cost them a place in the quarter-finals?

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  • S4Ep6: Heat Six  11/14/2016  
  • S4Ep5: Heat Five  11/11/2016  
  • S4Ep4: Heat Four  11/10/2016  
  • S4Ep3: Heat Three  11/9/2016  
  • S4Ep2: Heat Two  11/8/2016  
  • S4Ep1: Episode 1  11/7/2016  

    The first quartet of junior bakers enter the Bake Off tent for two exciting baking challenges - and aiming for the first of 10 quarter-final places. Annabel, Harry, Tyrese and Abi have their baking knowledge and piping skills put to the test when they are asked to follow Allegra's surprise recipe for a US classic - red velvet whoopee pies. These stunning cookie sandwiches which ooze fluffy meringue filling prove themselves to be a tricky first Technical Challenge for the bakers. This is followed up with gravity-defying show-stoppers that require the bakers to demonstrate engineering, as well as baking skills. Expect spectacular bakes which take off into the sky and others which topple and fall.

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