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List of Lady Hoggers episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep8: The Last Stand  12/14/2011  

    Julie and Christie help fellow hunter, Cesar, with a single "phantom hog" that has been eluding his crew. Meanwhile, Gary gets a call about a hazardous stretch of highway that has a history of car accidents with hogs. Teaming up with the Hendry County Sheriff, Gary sets out for the surrounding properties in order to remove the hog problem.

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  • S1Ep7: Fresh Blood  12/7/2011  

    Gary helps a local RV park deal with an aggressive boar that's been terrorizing the residents. Soon, Gary realizes that he's taken on more than he bargained for when he allows the community's designated watchman to tag along. Meanwhile, the girls bring Christie's uncle Randy to help break up a large pack of hogs and push them off a local ranch.

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  • S1Ep6: Wild Florida  12/7/2011  

    Julie and Christie help a local cook prepare for the annual Swamp Cabbage Festival. With only a few short weeks before the event, Buddy's harvest has been threatened by enormous hogs claiming the best patch of his land as their own. Meanwhile, Gary helps a local family afraid to use their yard. With feral hogs camped in the woods facing their house, it's only a matter of time before the hogs get aggressive.

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  • S1Ep5: Boss Hog  11/30/2011  

    The hoggers team up to help Justin, a local rancher who is being terrorized by the biggest hog he's ever seen, known as "Boss Hog." With enough land for a synchronized hunt and enough feral pigs to keep the team busy, Gary and the girls decide to make a little wager on who can bring back "Boss Hog".

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  • S1Ep4: Mud Hoggin’  11/30/2011  

    Gary and Paul deal with some nasty hogs at the Redneck Yacht Club. But Gary may find himself hunting solo when his partner's attention shifts from the hogs to the pretty hostess. Meanwhile, Julie and Christie visit a small airstrip with a rooted up runway. If Julie and Christie don't put a stop to these hogs soon, the airstrip could become a danger to both pilots and passengers.

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  • S1Ep3: Crooked Toe Hog  11/23/2011  

    Gary gets a call from a Golf Course in Sebring with an aggressive hog problem. Gino, the Course Supervisor, shows Gary thousands of dollars worth of shredded greens and unplayable fairways. But Gary soon finds that these vandals will need to be caught in the act and decides to come back for a nighttime hunt. Meanwhile, Julie and Christie help out Allison, a local Sebring Resident who has hogs encroaching on her backyard. Between Allison's young son and another child on the way, Allison already has enough on her mind; these hoggers need to act fast!

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  • S1Ep2: Big Nasty  11/23/2011  

    Every hunter has a tale of the one that got away--and in this episode, Gary goes after his elusive "Big Nasty", a boar that once left Gary with a scar from knee to ankle. While Gary hunts for his adversary, Julie and Christie head off to meet with Gary's friend Troy, a fellow hog hunter in need of some help. Troy manages the hog problems on a local property but recently the land has become overrun. Julie and Christie are always up for a challenge, but they soon find that feral hogs won't be their only obstacles because this ranch is swarming with gators!

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  • S1Ep1: Attack of the Juvies  11/16/2011  

    Gary visits the Lee family, whose backyard is being targeted by wild hogs. When Gary discovers that their daughter is raising her own Sow for a 4-H auction, Gary knows the problem is more serious than he thought. With this sow in heat, he'll have to deal with boars and juveniles from all over the area! But while Gary has his hands full of hogs, Julie and Christie meet Miss Virginia, who has run her own cattle ranch for the past 30 years. The cattle on her property are purebred Brahmas and with hogs rooting up the ground and carrying disease, they threaten not only Virginia's property, but also her livelihood. The girls will need to find the root of the problem and cut off the source.

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