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List of Love In The Wild episodes

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Season 2

  • S2Ep8:   7/24/2012  

    The winners are named after the two remaining couples go on an overnight quest involving rice fields and rough waters in the Season 2 finale. The winning pair receive a trip around the world.

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  • S2Ep7:   7/17/2012  

    The three remaining couples piece together a map leading to gold by riding unruly horses and navigating cliffs and rough waters. Later, the challenge winners choose the next couple to go home.

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  • S2Ep6:   7/10/2012  

    After a shocking Couples' Choice Ceremony that sent four singles home, the final three couples begin an intense adventure that will lead them through a scorpion filled hut. The couples get down and dirty on this challenge as they encounter a giant pool of quicksand and also have to dig for buried treasure. When a set of sore losers comes in last on the challenge, they also come dangerously close to losing each other. A surprise quiz at the Couples' Choice Ceremony gives an advantage to one couple hoping to make it to the finale.

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  • S2Ep5:   7/3/2012  

    The drama spills over from Couples' Choice Ceremony where a potential relationship was torn apart. The remaining couples' patience is tested, as they are challenged to construct an outrigger that leads them into choppy sea waters. The teams then trek through swampy mangroves and experience a close encounter with spooky tarantulas. Many contestants try to cling on to budding romances while others could not want to be farther away from each other. In a shocking Couples' Choice Ceremony, two contestants surprise the group and sacrifice their own pursuit of love in the wild in order for others' love to blossom.

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  • S2Ep4:   6/26/2012  

    The couples set out to barter a plethora of coconuts in order to advance through a horseback-riding, machete-wielding challenge in the jungle. Some couples remain strong, while others experience heightened fears and emotional breakdowns. In the dramatic Couple's Choice Ceremony, alterior motives are revealed and an unexpected couple is sent home.

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  • S2Ep3:   6/19/2012  

    The trios are chained together during a journey through the jungle and a bat cave. The winners go on a sailboat cruise, while the elimination ceremony sends six women home.

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  • S2Ep2:   6/12/2012  

    The couples jump off a 40-foot cliff into murky water during their first challenge as duos. After the eliminations, a surprise twist makes the singles reconsider their choices.

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  • S2Ep1:   6/5/2012  

    The adventure dating series "Love in the Wild" returns with new host Jenny McCarthy and fourteen new singles who bring more drama, more conflict, more laughter and more tears to the jungle--with an ultimate goal of finding true romance. The fourteen men and women are initially paired up but in a shocking surprise, seven additional men are brought in to kick off the adventures as trios. The trios are immediately thrown into a challenge that forces them to navigate rough waters and crawl through a snake-infested well. The premiere episode concludes in an emotional elimination ceremony that will break up some teams and strengthen others. Seven singles will be sent home, leaving the rest of the teams still searching for love in the wild.

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Season 1

  • S1Ep8: Season 1, Episode 8  8/17/2011  

    With seven adventures under their belts, the final two couples face their last journey together, an overnight quest that will test their endurance, strength, resolve, and more importantly, their relationship. In the end, one couple will reveal if they had the ultimate journey of finding love in the wild.

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  • S1Ep7: Season 1, Episode 7  8/10/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8656" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Love In The Wild season 1 episode 7"][/caption] The next challenge that the remaining couples will be facing on this episode is a beach adventure where they will swim out to a boat and scour the sea floor in this tropical quest. Then, they will travel to a small village to meet a resident, Mambo, who shares a secret they will have to memorize in order to complete their adventure. Some love will remain in the forefront while others will be forgotten.

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  • S1Ep6: Season 1, Episode 6  8/3/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8656" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Love In The Wild season 1 episode 6"][/caption] Next on the Love in the Wild, the remaining 5 couples travel through the Costa Rican jungle in search of an indigenous artifact. Their quest includes horseback riding to a beautiful waterfall, climbing a treacherous rope ladder and descending down a thrilling mudslide. Who among the couples will hang on to one another, and who will split away?

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  • S1Ep5: Season 1, Episode 5  7/27/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8656" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Love In The Wild season 1 episode 5"][/caption] The wild search for love continues with Love in the Wild episode 5 where a sudden announcement alter the course of the game. The couples descend into the depths of Lost Canyon, searching for an ancient artifact. They face a stubborn mule, a terrifying waterfall and a grueling flight of jungle stairs. A devastating injury threatens to derail one quest for love of the contestant, while the others battle to find their way back to their true partner. Watch Love in the Wild season 1 episode 5 here at Telepisodes to see what will happen with the couples why they go over the different obstacles to finally get the love that they want.

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  • S1Ep4: Season 1, Episode 4  7/20/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8656" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Love In The Wild season 1 episode 4"][/caption]The search for love in the wild continues with its 4th episode and with remaining 7 couples in the jungle of Costa Rica. Some are falling out of love and some loosing it. As their emotions grow stronger, the remaining couples needs to travel on an adventure in a high degree heat of 100 degrees hiking through the countryside. Then, they need to crawl to the mammoth Venado Caves. They will then go horseback riding through the finish line and hoping for a great happy ending for each couples. Who will end up winning or losing some relationship? Find out and watch Love in the Wild season 1 episode 4.

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  • S1Ep3: Season 1, Episode 3  7/13/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8656" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Love In The Wild season 1 episode 3"][/caption]Next on Love in the Wild will continue with the quest of the couples in finding their love in not so usual place. In episode 3 of the show, The coupled who are only armed by a compass should find their supplies and material that will give them the capability to cross the lake of Arenal in Costa Rica. This journey will include them to go to the so called Snake Island. There, they will facing lots of serpents before crossing the finish line. Which relationships will survive this test and which will wither away? Watch Love In the Wild episode 3 replay to witness it for yourself.

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  • S1Ep2: Season 1, Episode 2  7/6/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8656" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Love In The Wild season 1 episode 2"][/caption]The next episode of the reality show about finding love in a not so ordinary places in the world, Love In The Wild, continues with the 9 remaining couples who will face their fears in the jungle of Costa Rica by navigating a maze of hanging bridges that are hundreds of feet above jungle floor. They will also encounter on this episode different creatures of the nights and dark like the flying bats in dark caves. Participants will also go in adventures with rope-swinging which forces one of them to confront his fear of heights. Through out the episode,some couples are getting closer while other couples are falling apart. Watch Love in the Wild season 1 episode 2 to witness this exciting search of filling-up or digging those holes in the heart of couples on this wild reality show. You can watch the episode on NBC or if you miss it on TV, I will try to share links from the web that will allow you to watch the replay.

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  • S1Ep1: Pilot  6/29/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8656" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Love In The Wild season 1 episode 1 - Pilot"][/caption]Watch this newest romantic reality show involving 10 single men and 10 single women all looking for love and it is not just ordinary dating game that you know it is "Love In The Wild." The romantic adventure involves this lonely souls searching for their mates for life and they goes to the extreme by going to the deep remote jungles of Costa Rica just to experience and find what they are looking for. In this exciting series, the singles will be paired and will be going to several challenges such as raft-building and navigating into crocodile infested waters of Costa Rica. Watch for its pilot episode in NBC on June 29, 2011. If in case you miss it on TV then try the replay version of Love In The Wild episode 1 here at Telepisodes. You will surely love this if your fond of love series in a reality show. Watch Love In The Wild season 1 episode 1 online.

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