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List of My Mother and Other Strangers episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep5: God Rest You Merry…  12/6/2016  

    As Christmas approaches, Captain Dreyfuss throws a party at the air base for the children of Moybeg as a seasonal gesture of goodwill to the community. But a terrible misunderstanding and a dark secret threaten to ruin not only the event but Rose and Dreyfuss' relationship.

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  • S1Ep4: Vera  11/29/2016  

    Rose's younger, glamourous sister Vera arrives in Moybeg for a visit. Adored by Emma, dreaded by Michael, Vera's effervescent presence is soon felt in the Coyne household but when she soon meets the dashing Captain Dreyfuss, even Rose's patience is tested. However, the reality hiding behind Vera's façade begins to emerge, leaving Rose quietly torn between her loyalties to her family and her growing feelings for Dreyfuss.

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  • S1Ep3: The Price  11/22/2016  

    Halloween in Moybeg and the residents are drawn to watch a performance by the travelling show, Marsden's Big Variety Playhouse. However, the joy soon fades as Maisie Quinn, youngest sister of Sally and Barney, is struck down with Scarlet Fever. Aware of the Quinn's financial situation and frustrated by Dr. Black's lack of concern, Rose turns to Captain Dreyfuss for medical assistance from the air base. The arrival of nurse Lieutenant Tillie Zeigler proves to be a blessing and a curse for Rose, but events are soon overtaken when youngest daughter, Kate, also falls victim to the life-threatening illness.

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  • S1Ep2: Stolen Waters  11/15/2016  

    Tensions begin to mount in the Coyne household as Rose discovers Michael's black market activities in the family shop, whilst their younger son, Francis, is caught up in trouble with the Hanlon brothers on an ill-fated eel poaching trip. Inspired by her growing friendship with Captain Dreyfuss, it falls to Rose to defend the rights of the local fishing community, much to Michael's disdain. Meanwhile, a visit by Dr. Black leads Emma to meet his handsome son, Andrew, who soon provides a distraction from recent events.

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  • S1Ep1: Golden Gloves  11/8/2016  

    Moybeg, Northern Ireland, 1943. The parish residents are coming to terms with the recent arrival of a huge US Army Air Force base which has landed in the heart of their community. As it brings the reality of the war closer to the residents, they have to learn to live alongside the U.S service men and women. Captain Ronald Dreyfuss approaches Michael and Rose Coyne for help in finding ways to smooth relations between the two sides, but the cultural differences are highlighted no more than when the Coyne's teenage daughter, Emma, catches the eye of Lieutenant Frank Barnhill. Whilst Dreyfuss finds a kindred spirit in Rose, the fallout of Barnhill's actions has far reaching effects amongst the community.

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