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List of Parenthood episodes

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Season 6

Season 5

  • S5Ep22: The Pontiac  4/17/2014  

    The fifth season ends with Adam and Crosby reminiscing over childhood memories. Meanwhile, Amber and Ryan reunite; Sarah responds to Hank's request; Victor triumphs over his fears; Zeek gives Victor a driving lesson; and Drew pursues his bliss.

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  • S5Ep21: I’m Still Here  4/10/2014  

    Crosby finds himself in a tough housing situation and reaches out to Joel for help. Julia musters up the courage to talk with Sarah about her current situation. Kristina receives some devastating news and puts all her energy into fighting for the charter school, meanwhile Amber also hears of unsettling news and Hank steps up to the plate.

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  • S5Ep20: Cold Feet  4/3/2014  

    Zeek and Camille finally agree on what to do with the house. Julia jumps back into work helping out Kristina and Adam, but is struggling on how to proceed in her personal life. Sarah discovers what her children have been up to and puts her foot down with Drew.

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  • S5Ep19: Fraud Alert  3/27/2014  

    Joel and Sarah celebrate the completion of their work projects, but Max has low morale after his school field trip ended with some bitter feelings so Adam takes him on an adventure to clear his head. Sydney and Victor are also struggling to stay positive, so Amber tries to surprise them with a new activity.

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  • S5Ep18: The Offer  3/20/2014  

    Joel misunderstands where to pick up Victor from baseball and old feelings of abandonment overtake his thoughts. Sarah is anxiously awaiting a response from the ad agency on her final project. Amber tries to talk Drew into taking his life back. Max goes on a class trip and struggles to understand his classmates.

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  • S5Ep17: Limbo  3/13/2014  

    Jasmine and Crosby disagree over a crucial point in Aida’s upbringing. Julia finds out some unsettling news about Joel, but then is pleasantly surprised by his final decision. Sarah and Hank continue to work together, but Max is interrupting their flow, which causes Kristina and Adam to intervene.

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  • S5Ep16: The Enchanting Mr. Knight  3/6/2014  

    Kristina goes in for a checkup, but that doesn't stop her from starting a new adventure. Amber encourages Drew to move on from his past, while Julia struggles to let go of hers. Sarah gets an appealing offer from Carl, but decides her work is more important. Hank admits that feelings are still lingering for an old relationship.

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  • S5Ep15: Just Like Home  2/27/2014  

    Julia leans on her siblings for support during this trying time with Joel. Jasmine and Crosby move in with Zeek and Camille while their house is under repair. Meanwhile, Drew confides in Amber for advice on girls.

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  • S5Ep14: You’ve Got Mold  1/23/2014  

    Sarah starts her new project with Hank, meanwhile Kristina becomes the community counselor. Crosby discovers mold in his house and Jasmine isn't pleased. Julia and Joel decide to explain to Sydney and Victor what has been going on.

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  • S5Ep13: Jump Ball  1/16/2014  

    Camille returns home to an ecstatic Zeek, but not everyone makes an appearance at her welcome home party. Joel continues to spend long hours at work and away from Julia. Hank spends time with Adam and confronts his problems, while Amber runs away from hers.

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  • S5Ep12: Stay a Little Longer  1/9/2014  

    Sarah gets some good news about a job, which prompts Hank to question her. Crosby opens his house to Oliver Rome after the band hits a breaking point and Jasmine is less than thrilled. Meanwhile, Joel and Peet work closely to finish their project and Amber deals with an extremely painful reality.

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  • S5Ep11: Promises  1/2/2014  

    Julia gets confronted by Ed and Joel steps in. Zeek makes a new friend while Camille is away. Drew remembers old feelings and Natalie gets jealous. Carl attends a fundraiser with Sarah and she is pleasantly surprised to learn more about him.

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  • S5Ep10: All That’s Left Is the Hugging  12/12/2013  

    Amber addresses Ryan about his issues with her hanging out with the band and struggles on whether or not to lean on Sarah for support. Drew asks his uncle Crosby for advice on girls. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel put their best foot forward for their family's sake and Adam shows his support for his wife Kristina.

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  • S5Ep9: Election Day  11/21/2013  

    Election day stirs up emotions amongst the family- Jasmine and Crosby use the election as a teaching moment for Jabbar, while Kristina and Adam keep hopes high. Julia and Joel deal with Victor's reservations and Amber has some of her own, when the band asks her to sing guide vocals. Meanwhile Sarah helps Hank with a family affair.

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  • S5Ep8: The Ring  11/14/2013  

    The family watches out for Zeek, but he ends up giving Sarah some much needed advice. Tension rises in Julia’s household when she receives some unsettling news from Victor’s school. The media uncovers some skeletons in Kristina’s closet that attract unwanted media attention on Adam. Meanwhile Amber makes a tough decision that rocks the boat with Ryan.

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  • S5Ep7: Speaking of Baggage  11/7/2013  

    Kristina shares an inspirational story with Amber about her relationship with Adam while Amber's brother, Drew, has fallen hard for his new classmate Natalie. Meanwhile, Julia is getting Ed's undivided attention as Joel is busy on the job. Also, Zeek bachelors it up when he is left home alone and Max's new interest in photography leads him to find some pictures from Hank's past with Sarah.

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  • S5Ep6: The M Word  10/31/2013  

    Sarah and Amber struggle with the wedding bell blues while Julia and Joel try to keep it all together. Kristina and Adam hit the campaign trail hard and enlist Team Braverman to go door-to-door, while Jasmine helps usher in a new era for Crosby and his band on the run. Zeek gives Camille a little of what she wants.

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  • S5Ep5: Let’s Be Mad Together  10/24/2013  

    Max's photography knows no bounds while Joel struggles for boundaries with Peet. Adam and Crosby too must set boundaries with the band for the betterment of their new business. Meanwhile Julia and Camille have something in common that does not make them happy. And Sarah talks toe-to-toe with Ryan and Amber.

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  • S5Ep4: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities  10/17/2013  

    Another of Adam’s comfort zones is challenged by Kristina’s campaign, while Sarah and Amber struggle to talk to one another about the wedding. Drew tries to get closer to new friend Natalie and Zeek gets a chance to provide big teaching moments to grandkids Sydney and Victor, especially Victor. Crosby handles high-maintenance rockstar Oliver Rome.

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  • S5Ep3: Nipple Confusion  10/10/2013  

    Crosby and Jasmine find parenthood the second time around to be twice as tough, while Kristina's campaign with the ever-presence of Heather creates a new dynamic with Adam . Meanwhile additional pressures push Joel and Julia in potentially problematic directions and Sarah seeks help and comfort from Hank. And Zeek tries to steer Camille to his way of thinking about what to do with the storied Braverman house.

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  • S5Ep2: All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard  10/3/2013  

    An Amber alert rocks the Braverman family while Jasmine and Crosby have to walk on egg shells as the baby's crying begins to take a toll on Jabbar too. Julia meets a school parent volunteer Ed Bliss and finds they have a lot in common. Meanwhile Adam and Kristina's "wedge" issue could be the campaign itself. Hank makes a surprise visit to Sarah but leaves her with some advice on how to have an important talk with Amber, however, Adam's opinion on the subject is in direct opposition. Zeek does not want to talk with Camille about the next stage of their life.

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  • S5Ep1: It Has To Be Now  9/26/2013  

    The Braverman family gathers for Jasmine and Crosby’s unnamed newborn. Kristina and Adam adapt to life after her cancer ordeal , while Hank moves back to town and, unknown to Sarah, gets back together with Amber.

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Season 4

  • S4Ep15: Because You’re My Sister  1/22/2013  

    In the fourth season finale, Jasmine and Crosby plan an anniversary get away and receive exciting news. Kristina and Adam prepare for the next phase of her treatment. Drew learns the results of his college applications. Amber and Ryan discuss the future of their relationship. Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia plan an event for the entire Braverman family. Meanwhile, Sarah is forced to make a decision about her relationships with Mark and Hank.

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  • S4Ep14: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back  1/15/2013  

    As Victor’s adoption deadline draws near, Julia and Joel contemplate the long term effects of this decision. Renee oversteps her boundaries and intrudes on Crosby and Jasmine. Upon advice offered by Zeek and Amber, Ryan seeks to make amends with Joel. Meanwhile, Mark and Sarah discuss their relationship, concerning Hank. Kristina (Monica Potter) supports Max with a unique campaign.

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  • S4Ep13: Small Victories  1/8/2013  

    Drew and Amy receive news that will forever change their relationship, leading Mark to express his concerns to Sarah. Adam and Kristina are presented with new parenting dilemmas as they help Max navigate through life as a teenager. Crosby is growing increasingly impatient with his mother-in-law Renee causing conflict with Jasmine. Victor (is confrontational towards Julia and Joel causing them to question their parenting abilities.

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  • S4Ep12: Keep on Rowing  1/1/2013  

    Jasmine and Crosby help a family member who is experiencing money problems. Kristina surprises Adam with a new look and a spontaneous night on the town. Sarah and Hank experience an interesting evening together. Meanwhile, Victor is disappointed after Julia gives him news about his mother.

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  • S4Ep11: What To My Wonder Eyes  12/11/2012  

    The holiday incites a mix of emotions as Adam and Kristina experience a health scare while Crosby and Jasmine celebrate their first Christmas together as a family. Sarah is torn between her feelings for Mark and her evolving relationship with Hank. Amber and Ryan face challenges in their relationship. Meanwhile, Zeek helps to restore belief in a childhood hero.

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  • S4Ep10: Trouble in Candyland  12/4/2012  

    Sarah puts her energy into helping Hank (Ray Romano) mend his relationship with his family, leaving Mark increasingly impatient with his status in Sarah

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  • S4Ep9: You Can’t Always Get What You Want  11/27/2012  

    Julia adjusts to her new role as a stay at home mom while supporting Joel's ambitions. Crosby encounters a disruptive neighbor that may threaten the future of the Luncheonette. Sarah and Mark disagree about parenting and relationship issues. Max is forced to make a difficult decision as the new student council President while Kristina and Adam encourage him to take advantage of new experiences. Amber tries to help Ryan with his career.

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  • S4Ep8: One More Weekend With You  11/20/2012  

    Crosby and Jasmine continue to adjust to life as a married couple as they organize an event for Jabbar

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  • S4Ep7: Together  11/13/2012  

    Adam and Kristina struggle to balance the pressures of daily life combined with her ongoing treatment. Camille and Crosby take on additional responsibility to alleviate the couple's burdens. Amber and Ryan

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  • S4Ep6: I’ll Be Right Here  10/23/2012  

    Kristina is at a loss when she learns Max must give his speech in his bid for class president on the same day as her surgery as Adam struggles to contain his nervous energy. Meanwhile, Drew is upset with Sarah's decision to move them into Mark's apartment, Joel is concerned for Julia's health and well-being as she attempts to be "super mom," and Ryan asks Amber out on a date.

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  • S4Ep5: There’s Something I Need To Tell You…  10/9/2012  

    Adam and Crosby quarrel over money; Julia makes a mistake at her law firm; Victor plays in his first Little League game.

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  • S4Ep4: The Talk  10/2/2012  

    Jasmine and Crosby work as a parenting unit to teach Jabbar an emotional lesson earlier than expected which may change the family dynamic. Despite Adam

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  • S4Ep3: Everything Is Not Okay  9/25/2012  

    Kristina and Adam cope with emotional news and turn to family and new friends for support. Meanwhile, Zeek's behavior with his grandchildren triggers doubts concerning his health and Sarah confronts her new boss and receives an unexpected outcome. Also, Max attempts to adapt to a new school, but may lose his only friend in the process.

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  • S4Ep2: Left Field  9/18/2012  

    As the family adapts to their new son, Julia communicates her love in an unusual way to Victor. Meanwhile Crosby and Jasmine work as a couple to add structure and boundaries to their marriage. Also, Sarah's new boss Hank unexpectedly helps her understand Drew's feelings. And Kristina convinces Adam to fill a missing void in the household and receives news that may change her life forever.

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  • S4Ep1: Family Portrait  9/11/2012  

    The Braverman family gathers for a family portrait before Haddie departs for college, while Kristina, Adam and Max have a hard time digesting the new change. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel struggle to adjust to their newly adopted son's behavior and worry about their family's future. Newlyweds Jasmine and Crosby disagree on the spiritual beliefs they should teach Jabbar. Mark proves his commitment to Sarah by altering a Braverman tradition, while she attempts to prove her worth as an assistant to photographer Hank Rizzoli. Also, Amber navigates a new job at The Luncheonette.

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Season 3

  • S3Ep18: My Brother’s Wedding  2/28/2012  

    The Bravermans come together to celebrate a momentous event while Julia and Joel strive to overcome the emotional rollercoaster adopting a child has put them through. Also, Crosby and Adam decide on the fate of The Luncheonette and Sarah makes a difficult decision about her future.

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  • S3Ep17: Remember Me, I’m the One Who Loves You  2/21/2012  

    Julia and Joel head to the hospital for the birth of their son. Meanwhile, Sarah considers the possibility of a new life in New York with Mark; Adam and Crosby receive an extraordinary offer to sell The Luncheonette, and Jasmine and Crosby reconcile their past during a camp out with Jabbar.

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  • S3Ep16: Tough Love  2/14/2012  

    Drew discovers Sarah and Mark

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  • S3Ep15: Politics  2/7/2012  

    Mark invites Sarah to a friend's engagement party which stirs up a serious conversation about a baby in their future. Meanwhile, Amber receives a job promotion but questions her own qualifications, Adam and Crosby clash over business strategy for The Luncheonette and Zoe's behavior causes Julia and Joel to question their adoption agreement.

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  • S3Ep14: It Is What It Is  1/17/2012  

    Zeek receives startling news from his doctor while Crosby moves toward a new relationship. Amber excels at her job, but becomes confused over her boss' actions; Adam and Kristina worry over the costs to send Haddie to the college of her choice, and Julia grows concerned Zoe is beginning to change her mind about giving up her baby for adoption.

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  • S3Ep13: Just Smile  1/10/2012  

    Crosby is frustrated when Adam becomes the focus for a local newspaper's piece on the Luncheonette. Meanwhile, Amber struggles to find her place in a new job and Sarah becomes overwhelmed with thoughts of having a baby. Also, Julia and Joel try to resist interfering in Zoe's personal life.

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  • S3Ep12: Road Trip  1/3/2012  

    The Bravermans take a road trip to visit Zeek

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  • S3Ep11: Missing  11/29/2011  

    Kristina and Adam become overwhelmed with their work schedules and put Max's well being in danger. Also, Kristina offers Amber a new opportunity, and Crosby and Jasmine struggle to deal with their complicated relationship. Meanwhile, Julia tries to keep her distance from Zoe; Sarah and Mark think deeper into their future.

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  • S3Ep10: Mr. Honesty  11/22/2011  

    An inappropriate moment at work disrupts Adam and Kristina's marriage. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine reconnect after clearing up Jabbar's misunderstanding of their relationship. In an attempt to boost his college applications, Drew seeks out extracurricular activities and Amber is uncertain about her future. Also, a meeting with Zoe's boyfriend may jeopardize Julia and Joel's adoption plan.

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  • S3Ep9: Sore Loser  11/15/2011  

    During an intense game of Braverman charades, Joel and Julia come to the realization they may have spoiled Sydney. Meanwhile, Adam and Crosby celebrate a new client at The Luncheonette and Adam experiences an awkward moment with Rachel. Also, Kristina is concerned about Max's new friends at school, and Drew reaps the consequences of disobeying Sarah's rules.

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  • S3Ep8: In-Between  11/8/2011  

    After offering to let Seth stay at her apartment once he is released from rehab, Amber begins to understand what Sarah has been going through all these years; Meanwhile, Adam attempts to get intimate with Kristina for the first time since Nora's birth; Elsewhere, Crosby struggles with the prospect of a new father figure in Jabbar's life; and Drew and Amy take their relationship to a new level.

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  • S3Ep7: Forced Family Fun  11/1/2011  

    Sensing her family growing apart , Kristina demands a family night that doesn't go as she had expected. Crosby fears Jasmine's new date will replace him as Jabbar's father. Julia oversteps her boundaries with Zoe and Zeek continues to have mixed emotions about Sarah's involvement with Seth.

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  • S3Ep6: Tales From the Luncheonette  10/18/2011  

    Kristina exhausts herself by diving back into supermom mode while Adam and Crosby prepare their new music studio, in hopes of impressing their first potential client, Cee Lo Green. Meanwhile, Zeek plants doubts in Julia and Joel's adoption plan and Drew takes advice from Amber to move forward with Amy. Meanwhile, Mark Cyr continues to feel uneasy with Seth's (John Corbett) involvement in Sarah's life.

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  • S3Ep5: Nora  10/11/2011  

    Kristina is rushed to the hospital by an unlikely accomplice, while Julia and Joel receive positive news on a possible addition to their family. Jasmine's choice of suitors begins to affect Crosby, while Sarah's ex, Seth, threatens to disrupt her relationship with Mark. Meanwhile, Amber begins to understand Max's mind and helps him mend his friendship with Jabbar.

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  • S3Ep4: Clear Skies from Here on Out  10/4/2011  

    Zeek lands his first commercial, prompting Camille to reflect on her own achievements. Sarah and Mark take their friendship to a new level while Haddie and Alex grow apart. Meanwhile, Crosby and Adam disagree over a minor parenting crisis, Drew's first date with Amy doesn't go as planned and Jabbar and Max hit a rough patch in their friendship.

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  • S3Ep3: Step Right Up  9/27/2011  

    Amber revels in her new independence, while Sarah strives to remain a part of her life. Crosby is unsure how he feels about Jasmine dating and she wonders if she now fits in the Braverman family. Meanwhile, Kristina is concerned about Crosby and Adam's new business venture. Also, Alex receives good news and Zeek imparts relationship advice to Drew.

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  • S3Ep2: Hey, If You  9/20/2011  

    Kristina is concerned over Max

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  • S3Ep1: I Don  9/13/2011  

    This is the season premiere for the Parenthood season 3 series. Sarah (Lauren Graham) celebrates a milestone birthday and leans on Mr.Cyr (guest-star Jason Ritter) for emotional support , while Amber (Mae Whitman) makes an independent move from her family. Unemployed, Adam (Peter Krause) feels the stress of providing for his pregnant wife and family and ponders a new business venture with Crosby (Dax Shepard). Julia (Erika Christensen) becomes frustrated with the adoption process and dreams up a bizarre scenario. Meanwhile Haddie

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Season 2

  • S2Ep22: Hard Times Come Again No More  4/19/2011  

    Sarah and the rest of the Braverman family worry about Amber's well-being after an accident. Meanwhile, Max's behavior upsets Adam who finds a positive pregnancy test, and Julia unexpectedly plays a big role in a woman

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  • S2Ep21: Slipping Away  4/12/2011  

    Crosby asks Joel to help him remodel Jasmine's dream house. Meanwhile, Adam and Christina get a accidental phone call from Haddie which reveals her sleeping with her boyfriend. Christina asks Adam to talk to Haddie about the encounter and he initially refuses. Julia explains to Crosby that

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  • S2Ep20: New Plan  4/5/2011  

    Crosby buys a house to win back Jasmine; Adam stresses over Haddie's prom, as Julia tries to spend more time with Sydney. Elsewhere, Sarah works on her stage-play while worrying about Amber's future, as she failed the SATs.

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  • S2Ep19: Taking the Leap  3/29/2011  

    Kristina and Adam have a surprise meeting with the principal of Max's school; Jasmine and Crosby become nostalgic for their past. Meanwhile, Amber encounters a speed bump while working in her new job. Elsewhere, Julia and Joel receive upsetting news.

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  • S2Ep18: Qualities and Difficulties  3/1/2011  

    Adam and Kristina make an effort to talk to Max about his Asperger's, Crosby gets himself into more trouble while Julia and Joel prepare to celebrate their eight-year anniversary and Sarah finds a new passion.

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  • S2Ep17: Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew’s Therapist  2/22/2011  

    Crosby faces the consequences for a mistake he made after Max's party; Adam is annoyed with Alex's frequent visits; Drew receives disappointing news from his father.

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  • S2Ep16: Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs  2/15/2011  

    Adam and Kristina plan a birthday party for Max; Jasmine and Crosby face an issue that could change their relationship; Drew's bond with Seth (John Corbett) grows.

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  • S2Ep15: Just Go Home  2/8/2011  

    Haddie, Amber, and Max go to a park to play basketball with Alex, not telling Adam or Kristina about it. Drew and Amber's father is in town to play concerts with his band, and attempts to become more involved with them, after becoming sober from drugs for nine months. Drew, after discussing it with Sarah, is allowed to go to one of the concerts his father is playing at. Amber puts aside her differences with their father and also attends the concert. Meanwhile, Crosby feels more and more silenced when it comes to his relationship with Jasmine, and when he vocalizes his concerns, Crosby and Jasmine hit a snag in their relationship.

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  • S2Ep14: A House Divided  2/1/2011  

    Kristina refuses to accept Haddie's relationship with Alex, causing her to move in with her grandparents. Sarah puts her foot down at work and demands a higher salary to pay for Amber's tuition. Meanwhile, Max makes a camping trip with Zeek extremely difficult. Julia throws a bachelorette party for Jasmine welcoming her to the Braverman tribe, while Adam gets more than he bargained for during a meeting with Cory, shocking the entire family.

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  • S2Ep13: Opening Night  1/18/2011  

    Crosby and Jasmine have to deal with Jabbar's bad case of stage fright. Sarah must help with Drew's fundraiser and after Adam and Kristina find out about Haddie's lies, she decides to move out to her grandparent's house.

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  • S2Ep12: Meet the New Boss  1/11/2011  

    Adam meets the new boss, Cory, whose young and energetic personality concerns Adam. Meanwhile, tensions grow between Haddie and Alex after Kristina and Adam forbid her from seeing him. Elsewhere, Amber is taking on the challenge of performing at an open mic night, but she is surprised by who her biggest critic is.

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  • S2Ep11: Damage Control  1/4/2011  

    When Sarah finds out that Drew's bonding with his grandfather included a beer, she is faced with the guilt of having children with an alcoholic and addict. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel have to decide how to explain death to Sydney when a bird hits their window. Crosby deals with walking the line between being a friend to Jabbar and being a parent. Haddie introduces her boyfriend to her parents, with mixed results.

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  • S2Ep10: Happy Thanksgiving  11/23/2010  

    Adam fears for his future, and is torn between his job and family after some bad news from Gordon. While preparing for Thanksgiving, Camille and Amber bond. Meanwhile, Drew does not like that Sarah has invited Gordon for dinner. Elsewhere, Crosby tries to impress his future mother-in-law. Julia tries to make pies for dinner, but snaps at Sydney.

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  • S2Ep9: Put Yourself Out There  11/16/2010  

    Sarah lends Amber a helping hand, Kristina discovers an unexpected friendship while Joel and Crosby express their creative sides. Haddie

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  • S2Ep8: If This Boat is a Rockin  11/9/2010  

    Adam confronts a man in defense of Max. Crosby and Jasmine delve into domestic discussions, beginning with the selling of Crosby's boat. Sarah and Gordon explore their relationship.

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  • S2Ep7: Seven Names  10/26/2010  

    In the midst of a financial crisis, Adam must make an important decision that will alter the company's future. Jasmine and Crosby announce their future plans to Jabbar, who reacts surprisingly to the news. Meanwhile, Sarah and Amber argue over Amber's incessant partying with her new found friend. Sarah experiences challenges at work and even deeper issues with Gordon. Elsewhere, Camille joins Haddie for community service.

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  • S2Ep6: Orange Alert  10/19/2010  

    Zeek once again tries to go overboard with the Halloween celebration and is upset when Haddie, Amber and Drew refuse to join in the fun. Meanwhile, Adam and Kristina are nervous about Max's new plans for the holiday. Sarah's relationship with Gordon gets complicated after she confronts him about their kiss. Elsewhere, Julia struggles with her belief in women's rights when Sydney chooses a costume she doesn't approve of.

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  • S2Ep5: The Booth Job  10/12/2010  

    Kristina goes to an Asperger's support group alone and later tries to convince Adam to join her. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine enlist Julia's help in getting Jabbar accepted at Sydney's school. Sarah's performance at the shoe booth exceeds Gordon's expectations, causing him to make an unexpected move. Elsewhere, Zeek and Camille sign up for ballroom dancing classes with hopes of connecting on a deeper level.

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  • S2Ep4: Date Night  10/5/2010  

    Kristina learns some alarming statistics about the divorce rate of parents living with autistic children and as a result schedules a date night with Adam to keep their marriage alive. Meanwhile, Sarah sees Drew with a girl and offers him unsolicited love advice. Haddie runs for student council president and enlists her family

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  • S2Ep3: I’m Cooler Than You Think  9/28/2010  

    Amber starts spending a lot of time with her new friend Kelsey which makes Sarah jealous. Sarah's coworker, Mike (guest star Kevin Alejandro), gives her advice on the situation. Elsewhere, Julia pushes Joel for another baby. Meanwhile, Adam struggles with his relationship with Max.

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  • S2Ep2: No Good Deed  9/21/2010  

    Adam offers an internship position to Sarah at T&S Footwear. Meanwhile, Kristina helps Suze Lessing through her divorce by babysitting Noel. Julia commits to a play date for Sydney that threatens her other friendships. Elsewhere, Jasmine and Crosby debate where Jabbar should live when Jasmine takes a new job.

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  • S2Ep1: I Hear You, I See You  9/14/2010  

    Adam is overwhelmed by family needs and increasing demands at work from boss Gordon Flint. Zeek is overly confident in his "fix-it" skills as he tries to repair a leak in the barn and Joel is enlisted by the family to help. Elsewhere, Sarah tries to find her place in the world as Crosby prepares for a visit from Jasmine and Jabbar. Meanwhile, Kristina tries to teach Haddie how to drive and, along with behavioral aide Gaby, help their son Max through a crisis.

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Season 1

  • S1Ep13: Lost and Found  5/25/2010  

    Sarah meets with Mr. Cyr (Jason Ritter) to discuss Amber; Crosby must decide if he will stay with his old family or move in with his new one; Zeek tries to win Camille back. Meanwhile, Julia is forced to be on the Angel committee at Sydney's school but is nonplussed when she has to take care of a single mom recovering from a breast augmentation.

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  • S1Ep12: Team Braverman  5/18/2010  

    The truth about what happened between Amber and Steve comes out, causing a rift between Sarah and Kristina. Max enlists the family's help in gaining millage for the Walk for Autism coming up, still unknowing that he has Asperger's and that it falls on the Autism Spectrum. Julia tries being a member of a the school support network, and Zeek is continually curious about Camille's relationship with her art teacher. Meanwhile, Crosby risks losing Jasmine to New York after she auditions for a dance company.

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  • S1Ep11: Solace  5/11/2010  

    Zeek becomes Adam and Kristina's houseguest; Julia enlists the help of an old college flame to get her father out debt; Amber feels guilty about betraying Haddie; Crosby contemplates settling down with Jasmine and Jabbar.

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  • S1Ep10: Namaste No More  5/4/2010  

    As Crosby and Jasmine's romantic relationship continues, they have to decide how to explain it to Jabbar. Elsewhere, Adam and Kristina are on the search for friends but find that the process is a bigger challenge than they thought. Sarah learns about Zeek's financial problems. Meanwhile, Julia becomes the new coach of Sydney's soccer team and Haddie seeks out Amber for advice when Steve starts pressuring her into having sex.

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  • S1Ep9: Perchance to Dream  4/27/2010  

    One of her old acquaintances runs for Lieutenant Governor in Sacramento, and Kristina leaves Max and Haddie with Adam for the weekend. Kristina is excited by the opportunity to help, but feels out of date among the young generation of campaign workers. Meanwhile, Adam has his hands full, and along with taking care of his own kids, gives Drew girl advice as a school dance approaches. Elsewhere, Sarah tries to get Amber excited about college by taking her to an event on campus and unexpectedly runs into an ex. Julia attempts to teach Sydney a lesson about lying. Crosby takes Jasmine on a real date without Jabbar.

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  • S1Ep8: Rubber Band Ball  4/20/2010  

    Amber's ex-boyfriend Damien (Eddy Rioseco) comes from Fresno. Zeek takes Adam on a road trip for investment advice. Julia and Joel worry that Sydney might also have Asperger's and Crosby wants to help plan Jabbar's birthday party.

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  • S1Ep7: What’s Goin’ On Down There  4/13/2010  

    Sarah and Amber are both attracted to Amber

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  • S1Ep6: The Big ‘O  4/6/2010  

    Max starts working with a young behavioral aide (Minka Kelly), while Sarah debates whether she should go out with Amber's teacher. Meanwhile, Crosby tries to muster up the courage to tell his parents about Jabbar and Julia gets jealous of a mom in Joel

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  • S1Ep5: The Situation  3/30/2010  

    When Max re-joins the baseball team, Drew helps Adam connect with his son. Sarah strikes up a friendship with Amber's English teacher, Mr. Cyr (Jason Ritter). Meanwhile, Crosby feels the pressure to have a baby sooner than he expected and Julia tries to teach Sydney how to stand up for herself.

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  • S1Ep4: Wassup  3/23/2010  

    Crosby keeps Jabbar overnight while Jasmine has a dance audition; he has to take Jabbar to the emergency room when Jabbar he gets his thumb stuck in a soda can. Adam and Kristina notice that Haddie's cell phone bill is ridiculously large and seems to be concentrated to one particular number; upon further investigation (including sneaking into her room and enlisting Crosby to hack into her computer), they find that she has a boyfriend. Sarah has to have a talk with Drew about masturbating too much, and rejects her father's help. Amber babysits Sydney while Julia and Joel have a date night while out they run into Racquel and her husband who are also on a date night with their daughter. Sarah continues to bond with Amber, and Adam and Kristina learn to accept their daughter's new-found independence.

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  • S1Ep3: The Deep End of the Pool  3/16/2010  

    Adam and Kristina fight to get their son into an exclusive private school, Footpath, after Max gets kicked out of his former school. Meanwhile, while meeting with Footpath, they miss Haddie's soccer game and learn that she feels like they have always paid more attention to Max. Crosby spends more time with his son, Jabbar, and struggles to connect with and integrate him into his life. Sarah confronts her dad about the condoms she found in the den. Julia, a prominent high school swimmer, is unsatisfied with the methods used in her daughter's Zen swimming class so she takes matters into her own hands by attempting to teach her daughter how to swim.

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  • S1Ep2: Man Versus Possum  3/9/2010  

    Adam and Kristina get a diagnosis confirming Max's Asperger syndrome. Sarah interviews for a graphic design job with a little help from her brother and father. Amber is told that she is being held back in the tenth grade as her transcripts from her former school in Fresno are unsatisfactory for her new school. Crosby spends time with his son but still doesn't know how to tell Katie that he already has a child. Julia is frustrated with a fellow mother from Sydney's school and tensions come to a head at the school's fund raising auction.

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  • S1Ep1: Pilot  3/2/2010  

    Single mother Sarah and her two children Amber and Drew are moving back home with her parents Zeek and Camille. Sarah's sister and complete antithesis, Julia is a successful corporate attorney trying to juggle work and motherhood, alongside her stay-at-home husband, Joel. Commitment-phobe Crosby, Sarah's younger brother, must accept adult responsibility when an old flame Jasmine shows up unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Adam, the oldest Braverman sibling, his wife Kristina and teenage daughter, Haddie, learn that their eccentric son and Haddie's little brother, Max, is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Although each sibling and family has its own share of life to grapple with, perhaps this reunion is the push they need to help each other pick up the pieces and focus on the everyday challenges that families face while raising children and starting over.

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