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List of Pawn Stars UK episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep8: Pawning Pussy’s Pet  10/14/2013  

    Big Mark and Little Mark have the chance to buy a true icon of the silver screen when a customer offers them Pussy Galore’s chopper from the James Bond film “Goldfinger”. But after a test flight leaves them both shaken and stirred the negotiation becomes quite the “Oddjob”. Meanwhile, Simon and Vicki get a seller at the shop looking to flog her original Duke of Wellington Funeral Pass. Will Simon and Vicki do battle for this piece of ephemera or pass up this opportunity to own this slice of British history? When Big Mark and Vicki are offered the chance to buy a 2000-year-old Chinese icon, they’re suspicious it’s a fake. So how does a 100 year-old piece of Yorkshire granite hold the key to its legitimacy?

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  • S1Ep7: Pawn Shop Poet  10/7/2013  

    When a customer brings a World War II Luftwaffe Watch into the shop Big Mark and Simon are in awe of this incredible piece of aviation history. However, without any documentation, can the boys take the tick-tock plunge? Vicky and Marco encounter some original handwritten poetry by glam rock god Marc Bolan. Will they “get it on” and make a deal or pass on the poetry of this 20th century boy? And Big Mark and Little Mark take a few laps in a Metro Rally 6R4 but will the boys be wreckless and lose control of the deal?

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  • S1Ep6: The Need For Speedball  9/30/2013  

    When a seller comes to the shop claiming to have a 450-year-old religious tome Vicki and Simon are suspicious. It’s too pristine, the inlay is modern and even the author’s name is spelt incorrectly. Has the seller got something to confess or are Vicki and Simon jumping to conclusions. Then Both Marks and Marco are offered the chance to buy a high end racing kart. Can the boys fulfill their need for speed without the price spinning out of control? And Big Mark and Little Mark have a bargain in their sights when they are offered the chance to own a piece of military history in the form a Moisin-Nagant sniper rifle, but can they sharp shoot the deal?

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  • S1Ep5: Wicked Harley  9/23/2013  

    Big Mark and Simon get the chance to buy a piece of cinema history when a customer comes into the shop looking to sell Charlie Chaplin’s orignal tramp suit. But with little provenance to back up the owner’s claim, things are less than black and white and the boys could end up with egg on their faces? Later, Little Mark is moved when a customer brings in the first Manchester Utd. football programme from after the Munich aircrash that decimated the world-famous “Busby Babes”. Will he let his heart rule his head when it comes to making a deal for this piece of sporting history. Then the boys meet a seller looking to part with ten first editions of the JRR Tolkein classic, The Hobbit. The seller’s asking big money for his books, but does the price ring true for this precious literary classic?

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  • S1Ep4: Projecting Picasso  9/16/2013  

    It’s not every day the Marks get the chance to buy some original Picassos, but that’s exactly what happens when four stunning lithographs come into the shop. But are they the sur-real deal or not! Later they get the chance to buy a model plane – but this is no Airfix kit – it’s a fully working replica of a Spitfire. Will the deal for an iconic piece of British History take off? Then the boys get to let off some steam at the shooting range when they have the opportunity to fire a Heckler and Koch G3 Assault Rifle. Can the Marks shell out enough cash to hit their target?

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  • S1Ep3: Marco in Wonderland  9/9/2013  

    Big Mark and Little Mark test-drive a British Military classic – a Landrover Defender 90. But the boys leave the owner more than a little frustrated off when they go off-piste with her precious car. Then, Vicki and Simon get the chance to buy a Victorian skeleton, will they snatch this body up for the right price or make a grave mistake? And a set of original Alice in Wonderland sketches make their way to the shop. Can Simon and Marco seal the deal or will the seller’s demands turn them mad as hatters?

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  • S1Ep2: Shotgun Showdown  9/2/2013  

    Big Mark and Little Mark make their way to the shooting range to test out a 150-year-old William Powell Hammer Gun. Meanwhile, Simon and Marco meet a seller looking to part with his Dervish Sword from the Battle of Suakin. Simon can’t keep his hands of this piece of history but when it comes to negotiating the price, who will win this particular duel? Mark has a license to thrill when he road tests one 007’s favourites - an Aston Martin. There’s no doubt he feels a bond with the car, but will he get it for the price he wants or will he be vanquished?

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  • S1Ep1: Pawning your Lordship  8/26/2013  

    Big Mark’s mate and fellow pawnbroker Rick Harrison flies in from Las Vegas for some R&R and quality sightseeing and Mark attempts to impress him with a trip to Caenarfon castle, but getting back home is another thing altogether. Then Big Mark and Little Mark go for a little test drive in a giant tank. But after Big Mark reaches for the sick bucket, will he have any fight left in him to do battle with an owner determined to make some serious money? Later Simon and Marco take a little roadtrip when they are offered the chance to buy a 1960s Dormobile Campervan. Will the odd couple take the opportunity to own this very British vehicle or let this campervan pass them by … in the slow lane.

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