Pit Bulls and Parolees Season 0 Episode 6 – Holiday Special

Air Date : Dec 20 2014 | 32 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch Pit Bulls and Parolees season 0 episode 6 online. Have yourself a merry little Pitmas as you watch the team at Villalobos Rescue Center embark on a quest to make the season bright for Brandi and Snickers– two of the rescue organization’s longtime resident Rovers– by giving them the gift of a forever home. Spearheaded by rescuer Tania, efforts to help potential pet parents picture the pooches in their life includes professional portraits that capture the Pitties’ personalities.The episode also shines a spotlight on the family of friends which has formed over their dogged devotion to Pit Bulls in need. During the special the team of parolees decorates Villalobos’s fundraising Tahyo Tavern and prepares a holiday meal– a touching sight that not only satisfies the stomachs of those seated at the table for the feast, but also provides sustenance for the souls of TV viewers.

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