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Season 5

  • S5Ep6:   6/28/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8041" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Primeval Series 5 Episode 6"][/caption]Episode 6 of Primeval season 5 surround with the anomaly by Philip which causes Connor to disappear. This made Matt to think that his mission is over and Philip has won but he can not just leave Connor to his fate and tried to save him by jumping to the anomaly. He finds himself in barren desert world where Connor is struggling in the intense heat and deadly rays of the sun. It is the world of the nightmares of Matt and later they are being stalked by mutated Future Predators. What will happen with Matt and Connor inside the anomaly? Will they survive this one and how can they go out of this situation? Just watch Primeval season 5 episode 6 to witness it for yourself.

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  • S5Ep5:   6/21/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8041" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Primeval Series 5 Episode 5"][/caption]Watch Primeval series 5 episode 5 which air date is June 21, 2011. After the futuristic beetles anomaly last week, this week's episode of Primeval will be busy as hell as the ARC team is exhausted and struggling to cope up with so many anomalies opening in almost the same time. Meanwhile, whole team allows Lester to go with the secrets of Matt's mission but they were interrupted by several worrying news and that is anomalies are surfacing everywhere. Image there are reports of a huge creature loose on the streets. With this, Matt knows this is something important and the time that he is been waiting for is now. Watch Primeval season 5 episode 5 online replay and find out what happened with the ARC team and how they deal with this current situation.

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  • S5Ep4:   6/13/2011  

    [caption id="attachment_8041" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Primeval S05E04"][/caption]Watch Primeval season 5 episode 4 which air date is June 13, 2011 Monday at 9pm. The British sci-fi series will feature a certain futuristic beetles that forces the ARC to lockdown. Philip and Connor was the one responsible in opening a certain anomaly that made the invasion of a mass of scurrying future-beetles possible. This mistake forces the ARC to lockdown which possibly will end to the destruction of the place when Philip decided that the solution for this problem will be the incineration of the building. This the beetle threat but at the same will destroy ARC. What will happen now if in case ARC will be destroyed because of this? Well watch Primeval season 5 episode 4 online or on your TV via BBC America to find out the conclusion of this episode. Of course the team can't be break down by this simple (dangerous) attacks. They will definitely find a way!

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  • S5Ep3:     

    Watch PRIMEVAL season 5 episode 3 online replay which air date was June 6, 2011. The team continues to fix anomalies of nature as they tries to find a displaced raptor that is responsible for several gruesome murders in Victorian London areas. Matt ends up in Victorian London seeking for the said creature meeting Emily there which he found out that she's doing the same thing as he does. Matt and Emily will work out in an attempt to capture or kill the raptor to stop the killing once and for all. Meanwhile back at the ARC, Abby wanted to reconnect with Connor as they've been separated for quite some time but her encounter with April makes him to think twice and wonder if Matt is right that Connor is doing something inside the lab that she shouldn't need to know. Watch the full replay of Primeval season 5 episode 3 online now and check out what will happen with Matt and Emily with the raptor and if Abby will eventually discover Connor's secret in the lab.

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  • S5Ep2:     

    Watch the full replay of PRIMEVAL season 5 episode 2 online for free here at which aired May 31, 2011 at 9pm. On this episode, the team will need to engage to an underwater mission which they will need to deal with a certain nuclear submarine anomaly involving Liopleurodon in the sea. Here's the rest of the summary of the Primeval season 5 episode 2: When a nuclear submarine encounters an anomaly and Liopleurodon in the sea, the team are called aboard to help. They soon find themselves under attack and get sucked back through an anomaly, with Liopleurodons damaging the outside of the sub. The team must not only capture the panicked Eustreptospondylus aboard, but fix the sub exterior in order to get home. - Source: Now for you to see on what happened with the underwater mission of the team on this episode, you can watch Primeval season 5 episode 2 online replay for free here.

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  • S5Ep1:     

    Watch Primeval season 5 episode 1 online full replay for free here at Telepisodes which air date is May 24, 2011. The new season's pilot episode features a vicious burrowing creature that brought chaos to the city, forcing the team to race from location to location to try and trap it. In the creature's final attack one of their own is in the line of fire and the team must fight to save their life. The series stars Hannah Spearritt as Abby Maitland, Andrew Lee Potts as Connor Temple, Ben Miller as James Lester, Ciar

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