Scott and Bailey Season 5 Episode 1 – Home Fires

Air Date : Apr 13 2016 | 68 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Returning to Syndicate 9 after a year with Vice, Rachel needs some time to rekindle her neglected friendship with Janet, but the shocking murder of Michael Edgerton forces her to hit the ground running as she steps up to Acting DI under the watchful eye of Julie Dodson. When a teenage boy sees a clip of Michael’s murder on the darknet, it’s clear that Syndicate 9 are dealing with something much bigger and more sinister than a single, indiscriminate murder. A sick game is being played and Syndicate 9 need to find the next potential victim before the killer does. Glad of Rachel’s return, Janet couldn’t have known how much she was going to need her friend. When Taisie is arrested, setting off an inconceivable chain of events, Janet is thrown into turmoil and Rachel’s wisdom and experience are exactly what she needs to steer her through the crisis.

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