Silent Witness Season 19 Episode 8 – In Plain Sight (2)

Air Date : Jan 26 2016 | 73 Views | 15 Link Submissions | 0 comment(s)

Summary: When the body of an armed police officer is found, the team join the manhunt for supposed cop killer Bruno, hoping to apprehend him before more officers can be killed. Jack hopes to reach the suspect first and talk him into handing himself in before more damage is done. In doing so, he uncovers links to London’s small but devastating gun trade.Meanwhile, the murder of their colleague forces the other armed police officers to question their safety, and soon their paranoia leads them to scrutinise each other’s behaviour.As further victims fall prey to the killer, the pathology and forensics begin to point to a highly trained individual. The team rally round Jack as he searches for the truth. He must put himself in jeopardy in order to discover who is responsible for the murders, and what really happened during the armed police operation.

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