Sister Wives Season 0 Episode 2 – Honeymoon Special

Air Date : Nov 21 2010 | 44 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: A one-hour special episode was broadcast on TLC on November 21, 2010, featuring Kody and Robyn’s 11-day honeymoon in San Diego. The other three wives continue trying to cope with the addition of a fourth wife, and some feel 11 days was far too long for Kody to be away from the family. Kody explains the 10-month courtship with Robyn is long for polygamists, for whom courtships usually last up to 90 days, but they feel the extra time has made their relationship stronger. During a trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, they point out that many of the animals seem to have polygamist mating relationships. Meanwhile, Meri, Janelle and Christine take the family on a camping trip while Kody and Robyn are away. Robyn insists that Kody frequently call his wives to ensure they remain emotionally connected to him while he is away. Janelle admits she ignored Kody’s calls for the first few days due to her angry feelings about the honeymoon. This special marked the first episode with Robyn featured in the opening credits along with the other wives, and the show’s logo was changed to have four gold female rings dangling from a male ring, rather than the original three.

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