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Season 2

Season 1

  • S1Ep8:   5/7/2013  

    The final three celebrity divers will take it to the top for the final time to perform a dive of their choice. The top two will be picked by the judges and will compete in a champion dive-off, but the first ever U.S. winner of the "Splash" trophy will be chosen by the live studio audience only! All of the previously eliminated celebrity divers will be back at the pool for a final dive

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  • S1Ep7:   4/30/2013  

    A masked mystery celebrity diver will take the 10 meter plunge and the four remaining celebrities will dive for a spot in the finale. Each celebrity will select their board height and will be assigned a dive by Dive Master and coach Greg Louganis. The celebrity with the highest score and audience vote will automatically secure a guaranteed place in the finale, while the remaining three celebrities will compete against each other in the first ever three-way dive-off, where two celebrities will move forward and one will be sent home. Also this week, injured celebrity diver Chuy Bravo returns to the pool as Greg's assistant

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  • S1Ep6:   4/23/2013  

    For months, the celebrity divers have been training with legendary diver Greg Louganis, but this week the remaining five celebrities will partner and be coached by some of the sport's toughest critics, junior diving champions all between the ages of 10-12. Each celebrity and their junior partner will complete a synchronized dive, and the celebrities will be scored on their performance. The two celebrities with the lowest scores will compete in a dive-off to determine who will be sent home. Meanwhile, a hard landing in rehearsal leaves one celebrity with a black eye and pre-show nerves

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  • S1Ep5:   4/16/2013  

    The remaining six celebrity divers will have to face their ultimate fear, launching themselves off the 10-meter high-dive platform. After each celebrity has taken the plunge from three stories high, the bottom two scorers will compete in a dive-off to determine who will be sent home

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  • S1Ep4:   4/9/2013  

    They may have mastered the dives, but can they flip without a flop? The remaining seven celebrities will take their athletic training further when they're challenged with completing a flip (or multiple flips!) off any one of the boards or platforms. This week there is no time for second chances and the lowest scoring celebrity will be automatically eliminated from the competition without the audience or a dive-off to save them

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  • S1Ep3:   4/2/2013  

    They have learned how to dive alone, but can they dive together? The eight remaining celebrities will be paired up with one of their competitors to compete in a partner dive where they'll take the plunge together. After training together all week, the bottom scoring duo will go head to head against each other in a dive-off to determine who will be the third contestant sent home

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  • S1Ep2:   3/26/2013  

    Five celebrities compete hoping to impress the judges and the viewers at home. At the end of the show it is revealed which two of them have managed to gain a place in the semi finals.

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  • S1Ep1:   3/19/2013  

    After weeks of training with professional divers and being mentored by the world's most decorated and medaled diving legend, Greg Louganis, five of the ten celebrity contestants will face their fears as they flip, twist and spin into the depths of the pool below. The two with the lowest scores will go head to head in a dive-off to determine who will be the first contestant sent home

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