The Bachelorette Season 7 Episode 7 – Week 7

Air Date : Jul 11 2011 | 67 Views | 1 comment(s)

Watch The Bachelorette season 7 episode 7 online. It is 7th week for The Bachelorette season 7 and its air date is July 4, 2011 due to the 4th of July celebration, the episode is moved to July 11.

JP is jealous after Ben F. stays out all night with Ashley, and Emily returns to explain why her relationship with Brad fell apart. Read more @

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  1. Hi, rose lovers! It's been a long two weeks – I hope you are rested and relaxed, because we are out of Taiwan, aka the "hidden jewel of Asia." Ashley is ready to put the past behind them (no, she really really mean this time) and up to his "amazing journey" to "love". Which will probably be the end of a "fantastic", "national television" "breaking talks" – but I'm probably getting ahead of myself.

    Harrison welcomes the type of the giant screen in front to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Taiwan, and informed them that "lucky" four men receiving roses this week Origin dates. The rest will most likely die alone in his apartment. Even if there are no roses on the dates one by one this week, JP said. "I do not like. I do not want other kids to go on dates with him," she frowns. "I'm on another level with her … At this point, I'm afraid that I was in a long, long time. "People, why I think this man is arrogant? Even with a touch of vulnerability in the end, the presumption of victory Jape bother me. I find it boring.

    Constantine won the first one-on-one days, which means a trip on a steam engine to a "charming little village called" Shi-Ping. Transport mode is appropriate, as Ashley told her relationship with Constantine "is moving slower than others." Choo-Choo! Rhythmic rumble of the train seems to get much in the mood for love – or at least a small hand holding a PDA. (Bonus points to all the editor followed by Ashley Bachelorette "Looking looooove this trip?" With a bullet train in the tunnel heading.) Once-Ping Shi, Ashley Constantine orders to paint their " I love "in a paper lantern, so duly painted with hearts and other at dinner, Constantine has the audacity to think about their own needs:" .. I wonder how I would fit in my life "Even with the hometown date on the line, Constantin – restriction – refuses to give Ashley a hard sell.