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  • S4Ep24: The Roommate Transmogrification  5/19/2011  

    During another night out at the

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  • S4Ep23: The Engagement Reaction  5/12/2011  

    When the guys and Priya are dining at the

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  • S4Ep22: The Wildebeest Implementation  5/5/2011  

    While shoe-shopping with Penny and Amy, Bernadette reveals that Howard and her have been invited to a double date by Priya. Amy suspects that Priya is trying to win over the weakest member of their social group, just as a

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  • S4Ep21: The Agreement Dissection  4/28/2011  

    When Leonard takes a shower with Priya while Sheldon experiences an event of force majeure, he gets charged with two violations of the roommate agreement (Leonard denied access to the bathroom when Sheldon had to urinate and Leonard was not the only person in the shower). However, before he can get too far, Priya uses her skills as a lawyer to nullify the charges, due to the agreement's vague wording, much to Sheldon's dismay. When the guys take advantage of Priya's skills in order to eat Greek food (which Sheldon doesn't like at all) on pizza night, Sheldon seeks shelter at Penny's, who invites him to join her on a girls' night out with Amy and Bernadette, which Sheldon agrees to after Penny mentions that they may be talking trash about Priya. After the girls had some cocktails and Sheldon mentions he had learned to dance at cotillion balls as a child, they decide to take Sheldon dancing, an offer to which Sheldon reluctantly agrees since his obligations as a gentleman require him to do so. After dancing, Sheldon takes an intoxicated Amy back to her apartment and, as well as talking about Priya, meets Ricky, a capuchin monkey from a nicotine addiction study that Amy is working on (this was first mentioned in the previous episode "The Herb Garden Germination") who is addicted to smoking cigarettes and, as Amy puts it, is also "kind of an ass". Amy tells Sheldon not to give in to Priya's law skills, just like a monkey would defend his territory. She then proceeds to kiss him (Sheldon comments on this with the word "fascinating") and then rushes to her bathroom to vomit. The next day, Sheldon presents an overhauled version of the roommate agreement to Leonard and asks him to sign it. When Leonard shows his reluctance, Sheldon activates a "self-destruct sequence" on his laptop, modeled after the ship's computer in Star Trek: The Next Generation: If Leonard doesn't sign the agreement within a minute, an e-mail will be sent to Priya's parents informing them of their relationship. Leonard accuses Sheldon of bluffing and blackmailing and doesn't see any harm in Priya's parents knowing. Priya, however, knowing that her parents do not approve her dating an American, tells Leonard their relationship is over if he doesn't sign the new agreement. After a failed attempt to cut the power supply from Sheldon's laptop, Leonard gives in and Sheldon aborts the program. Later that day, Sheldon speaks with a hungover Amy via webcam and thanks her for the advice that she gave him the night before. They agree to treat their relationship like a "crashed computer" and "restore" it to the last point it worked for both, thus deciding to forget about the evening's entire events. Meanwhile, Leonard, not knowing how strict Dr. and Mrs. Koothrappali are, argues with his girlfriend about whether or not she's ashamed of him.

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  • S4Ep20: The Herb Garden Germination  4/7/2011  

    Penny spreads a rumor that Bernadette is thinking of breaking up with Howard. After the rumor finally reaches Priya, she informs Leonard that Raj has a crush on Bernadette and even writes

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  • S4Ep19: The Zarnecki Incursion  3/31/2011  
  • S4Ep18: The Prestidigitation Approximation  3/10/2011  

    Priya takes Leonard shopping and gets him classier clothes compared to his hoodies and t-shirts. She also convinces him to wear

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  • S4Ep17: The Toast Derivation  2/24/2011  

    Leonard and Priya are a couple and since she lives with Raj, Leonard and Howard decide to have dinner there instead of the normal venue. This deeply disturbs Sheldon, who wants to keep their heritage, since they always had dinner at their place in the last years. After unsuccsessfully attempting to cope with Raj's apartment and his

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  • S4Ep16: The Cohabitation Formulation  2/17/2011  

    Bernadette and Howard enjoy each other's company, however Bernadette is upset because Howard always leaves her alone right after having sex so he can help his mother in the morning. Therefore, she asks Howard to move in with her, an idea that he initally turns down. After a fight with his mother about being with Bernadette (and the possibility of acquiring a

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  • S4Ep15: The Benefactor Factor  2/10/2011  

    University President Seibert (Joshua Malina) invites the guys to a Saturday night

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  • S4Ep14: The Thespian Catalyst  2/3/2011  

    Sheldon guest lectures at the university, but his teaching style is unfunny, boring, dismissive, and altogether intolerable, leading to numerous blogs and Tweets about how awful he is

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  • S4Ep13: The Love Car Displacement  1/20/2011  

    Amy asks Penny to join her and the other guys on a trip to a science conference in

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  • S4Ep12: The Bus Pants Utilization  1/6/2011  

    Leonard gets an idea to develop a smartphone

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  • S4Ep11: The Justice League Recombination  12/16/2010  

    The guys discover that Penny and her ex boyfriend, Zack, are back together and they take advantage of his lack of intelligence and make fun of him. After Zack finally realizes what's going on and storms out, the guys decide to apologize to him. Upon receiving

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  • S4Ep10: The Alien Parasite Hypothesis  12/9/2010  

    Amy becomes attracted to Penny's ex Zack, whom she meets in a bar on a night out with Penny and Bernadette. She later discusses her symptoms (elevated heart rate, clammy palms, dry mouth, and an involuntary "hoo") with Sheldon and comes to the reluctant conclusion that she is horny. It is also pointed out that Sheldon might be jealous. Penny tells Sheldon there is "something" he could do in this matter, however, as usual, he misunderstands her point and makes a number of phone calls until he finds the right Zack to set up a date for Amy. This proves fruitless as Zack's limited intelligence puts her off. After leaving the bar, Amy grasps Sheldon's hand. He asks her why she is doing this, to which Amy replies that she is conducting an experiment. After a short interval, she lets go and says, "Nope. Nothing. Never mind.", indicating that she is not attracted by Sheldon's appearance, however chose Sheldon's intellect over Zack's looks. After an employee in the bio lab is bitten by a radioactive rat, Howard and Raj quarrel over who would be the better superhero (with Raj expressing his desire to be "Rat-Man"). Intending to use Raj's fear of spiders, Howard proposes a contest where the one who can keep his hand inside a container with a giant spider the longest, wins. This, however, backfires as the spider crawls up Howards arm, freaking him out. In the end, they decide to settle their dispute with a

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  • S4Ep9: The Boyfriend Complexity  11/18/2010  

    Leonard is flattered when he shows up at Penny's door and gets a kiss from Penny. Later, Penny informs him that her critical father Wyatt (Keith Carradine) is visiting, and she asks him to pretend that they're back together because he's the only boyfriend she's ever had that her father likes. Leonard is initially wary of the idea, but gleefully plays along to get Penny to confess (he also calls her on her hypocrisy at being mad at him for going along with her stupid, flawed plan), which she finally does while her father and Leonard are

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  • S4Ep8: The 21-Second Excitation  11/11/2010  

    Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard excitedly plan to attend a screening of

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  • S4Ep7: The Apology Insufficiency  11/4/2010  

    Howard is trying to get top-level security clearance to work on a government surveillance satellite, and in order to clear him, the

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  • S4Ep6: The Irish Pub Formulation  10/28/2010  

    Raj's sister Priya (Aarti Mann) visits and inadvertently causes trouble for the friends. She and Leonard apparently have a history, despite Leonard's pinky swear with Howard that they would not interact with her in deference to Raj. They hook up, but are discovered by Sheldon, who tries to devise an elaborate, flawless lie to cover it up. Leonard cannot persist in the deception and reveals the assignation. The guys then confess to all of the deceptions they have perpetrated on each other: Howard dropped Raj'siPhone

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  • S4Ep5: The Desperation Emanation  10/21/2010  

    When Amy Farrah Fowler asks Sheldon to meet her mother, he starts to get worried, as Leonard tells him that meeting Amy's mother would mean she is his girlfriend (which he denied up to that point by referring to Amy as a "girl" and a "friend"). He freaks out and tries to "break up" with her. When she tells him it is only to please her mother, and that she doesn't actually want to be his girlfriend, Sheldon is relieved. He goes along with her idea and tells Amy's mother via webcam that he is having regular intercourse with her daughter, which freaks her out just like Amy wanted it to. Sheldon then asks Amy if they actually should have sex, before adding "Bazinga!". Meanwhile, Leonard has his own problems. Frustrated by the fact that Howard has Bernadette, Sheldon has Amy, Stuart has a woman he met at Comic-Con, and Raj claims to have a girlfriend who is

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  • S4Ep4: The Hot Troll Deviation  10/14/2010  

    When the guys run into Howard's ex at the Cheesecake Factory, he ends up confronting his lingering feelings for her. He seeks help from Penny, who agrees on the condition that Howard reveal the reason behind his breakup. He confesses that Bernadette caught him engaging in cybersex with a fellow

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  • S4Ep3: The Zazzy Substitution  10/7/2010  

    Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler are very compatible with each other, as evidenced by how well they can play "counter-factuals", a game they invented requiring them to know what the other is thinking would be the answer to a question about "an alternate world that differs from ours in one key aspect" (Leonard flunks miserably when he attempts to play this game). Bringing Amy into the group is a source of consternation, as the guys can barely handle Sheldon by himself, let alone with Amy, his female equivalent. At one lunch, Amy belittles Sheldon's occupation as a

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  • S4Ep2: The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification  9/30/2010  

    Sheldon's estimate for his

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  • S4Ep1: The Robotic Manipulation  9/23/2010  

    As the five main characters eat dinner, Howard demonstrates the capabilities of a robotic arm that he "borrowed" from the

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Season 0

  • S0Ep3: It All Started With A Big Bang  4/5/2012  

    Celebrating the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory, Rick Edwards looks back at some of the US sitcom's most hilarious and memorable scenes and talks with the cast and crew on the set in Hollywood. The actors share their favourite moments and reveal a few secrets about the making of the show.

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  • S0Ep2: Access All Areas  4/5/2012  

    Celebrating the 100th episode of US sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Rick Edwards travels to the Hollywood set for an access-all-areas visit, catching up with the cast and learning everything there is to know about the show. This behind-the-scenes special takes fans through everything from the writing of the script to the recording of the show in front of a live audience.

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  • S0Ep1: Unaired Pilot    

    The very first pilot of The Big Bang Theory. With a person call Katie played by Amanda Walsh, and a female friend called Gilda (Iris Bahr)

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