The Big C Season 2 Episode 1 – Losing Patients

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Watch The Big C season 2 episode 1 online.

The Big C (2010)
Watch the return of The Big C this Monday night, June 27, 2011. The Big C season 2 episode 1 is entitled as “Losing Patients” and revolve around Cathy who threatens her friendship with Dr. Todd when she consults another specialist about her situation. Meanwhile her brother Sean tries to adjust and move himself to a new life as a soon-to-be father.

The Big C series is an original drama series from SHOWTIME which stars Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, John Benjamin Hickey, Gabriel Basso, Reid Scott and Phyllis Somerville. It surround with the life of Cathy as a cancer patient and how she handle her life despite her current situation.

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