The Biggest Loser (AU) Season 1 Episode 32 – Episode 32

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Watch The Biggest Loser (AU) season 1 episode 32 online. Instead of going on an excursion for their challenge, the contestants will do it right in the backyard. When they meet AJ, they also see five piles of bricks. “In front of each of you is a 1t pile of bricks. Your task for today is to carry them 30m ahead of you and make a neat pile like this one,” instructs AJ. The winner of this task will receive a $1000 Bunnings Warehouse voucher and the loser will be isolated in their room. With Wal out of the house, just about anyone could win. Adro thought he was winning the entire time, but he was wrong because Christie cleverly disguised her pile so it looked like she had a long way to go. Soon enough, her pile disappeared and she won. Ruth came last and therefore will be isolated in her room.

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