The Biggest Loser (AU) Season 1 Episode 38 – Episode 38

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Summary: This was the second day in Camp Eden for the final four. This really brought out the emotions in a few contestants. Each contestant had to do a different activity and each of them involved heights. Firstly, Jillian took Kristie for a walk up a hill and then to a 45m flying fox. Surprisingly, Kristie didn’t complain and she wasn’t scared to jump off. Jillian was impressed because Kristie jumped off with no fear. Secondly, Bob took Fiona to an 8m climbing tree where she climbed it and then had to jump onto a bar 1m from where she was. She did this after a few minutes of Bob telling her that she will not fall. Thirdly, Jillian took Shane to a short abseiling wall. They didn’t abseil, but run down it from the top to the bottom. Shane beat Jillian’s time by 3 seconds. Finally, Adro and Bob went to another climbing tree, but this one was 25m high. Adro didn’t have a problem climbing the tree, but when he go to the top, he was told that he had to jump off, (harnessed of course). It took him 10 minutes to Mentally prepare for it, but eventually he jumped.

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