The Biggest Loser (AU) Season 1 Episode 4 – Episode 4: Challenge #1

Air Date : Feb 16 2006 | 64 Views | 0 comment(s)

Summary: Before the challenge, panic ran rife through the contestants as on out of breath Ruth thought she was pregnant. Given the all clear by doctors, Ruth returns to training and vows go harder. The following day, contestants are transported to North Sydney pool where Ajsy informs them they are about to embark on their first challenge – a race to the top of the Sydney Harbour bridge, where the losers will face a 3 kilo penalty. The winning team will be rewarded a choice of either a delicious lunch at Aqua Dining or a training session in the pool. As Reds and Blues compete for the first time, all have their eyes on the reward – but who will fail to make it to the top?

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