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List of The Level episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep6: Episode 6  11/4/2016   6
  • S1Ep5: Episode 5  10/28/2016   4

    As police comb the Le Saux haulage yard for clues, Nancy must hide her guilt from both a fraught Hayley and her colleagues – a task made more difficult when she realises to her horror that she's left incriminating evidence at the scene.

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  • S1Ep4: Episode 4  10/21/2016   15

    After her near-miss with Gunner, Nancy is challenged by Newman. She's treading a dangerous line and is in jeopardy of being exposed – until O'Dowd steps in to help. He tells Nancy that they must work in tandem, and together they question Nash. But Nancy's no nearer to finding out who's pulling the strings here.

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  • S1Ep3: Episode 3  10/14/2016   

    In the wake of the latest killing, suspicion shifts to garage owner and Le Saux associate, Duncan Elliot (Geoff Bell). Visiting Elliot, Nancy spots Theo Kettler's missing car, and a tense chase ensues. When the driver escapes, Nancy and O'Dowd start to suspect Gunner of complicity. A vital piece of evidence is later recovered from the car, giving DCI Newman a breakthrough - but placing Nancy in even greater danger. The pressure on Nancy becomes unbearable when new forensic evidence is revealed, turning her emotional world on its head and changing her sense of Frank forever. Meanwhile, tensions surface among the Le Sauxs with Hayley and her brother Tate (Cian Binchy) at the haulage yard. Ex-boyfriend Shay Nash calls, ostensibly looking for a cargo which has gone missing on a Le Saux truck, but it's clear he's still drawn to Hayley. Nancy warns her to stay clear. Nancy's concern about Nash seems vindicated – especially when evidence identifying him disappears from the investigation. Nancy takes a big risk when she takes it into her own hands to prove Gunner is involved, but when her gamble goes wrong she finds herself running for her life – only to discover the threat is much closer to home. . .

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  • S1Ep2: Episode 2  10/7/2016   

    Sick from her bullet wound and mistrustful of her colleagues, Nancy desperately needs an ally - but she can't open up to Hayley for fear of putting them both in danger. When the police make a public appeal hoping to shake out the missing witness, Nancy is unexpectedly forced into the spotlight, leaving her exposed and bringing an old enemy out of the woodwork - Hayley's ex-boyfriend, Shay Nash (Joe Absolom). Soon after Nancy receives a package, the contents of which, prove that someone is on to her. Nancy's suspicions focus on her partner, Gunner, who watches her like a hawk. A colleague from London, DS Kevin O'Dowd (Rob James-Collier), sees her distress and wants to help. Nancy warns O'Dowd there's a leak on the team - but can't say more for fear of exposure. Meanwhile the murder investigation focuses on Frank Le Saux's accountant, Theo Kettler (Rupert Procter). Already suspicious of Theo, Hayley questions her mother about the real nature of her father's business, but Cherie Le Saux (Amanda Burton) is evasive. Isolated and anxious, Hayley turns for comfort to Le Saux family driver Darryl Quinn (Lorne MacFadyen). When a witness links Theo to a Newhaven garage suspected of drugs trafficking, police mount a surveillance operation. Pursuing her own dangerous investigation, Nancy finds herself at the same location – only to stumble into a second shocking murder.

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  • S1Ep1: Episode 1  9/30/2016   

    Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin is a good cop with a dark secret - a loyalty to haulier and drugs trafficker Frank Le Saux, to whom she has been close since childhood.

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