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List of The Lie Detective episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep10: Episode 10  12/12/2016  

    For five years, Jesse and Romany have been friends with benefits. But for one of them, their feelings are getting stronger. Can Lie Detective Dan Ribacoff help them establish the truth behind their special friendship? Having only been dating for six months, Chloe and Philp found out they were expecting their first child. After a turbulent year, Philip's ready to pop the ultimate question. During three years of their relationship, wannabe rock star Kelpie never told Abi that he loved her. Dan uses his truth-seeking skills to find out why, and what happened on tour?

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  • S1Ep9: Robert & James, Sophie & Sam, Georgia & Sean  12/5/2016  

    Dan Ribacoff helps Robert and James. The couple fell in love in a week, but can such a whirlwind romance last? They also need to know what each other really thinks about monogamy versus open relationships. Sophie met Sam at university and dated for a year. After a dramatic split, she wants to know why he cut her out of his life. Georgia and Sean were together for four years and were engaged. Sean unexpectedly called it off and when Georgia returned to collect her stuff, she found a mystery woman in their house. A year later, she is ready to know the truth.

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  • S1Ep8: Episode 8  11/28/2016  

    Dave and Sue have been married for 28 years. Their traditional ways were turned upside down when Dave started dressing as 'Paula'. What does Sue really think of being married to a transvestite? Tattooed model Ryan from Sheffield, and seductive siren Hannah from Bournemouth, broke up six months ago due to the distance between them. Ryan is keen to try again, but first wants to know what Hannah was doing when she wasn't talking to him. And can Stephen win back his ex Charlie after eight months?

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  • S1Ep7: Episode 7  11/21/2016  

    Deception expert Dan Ribacoff brings real-life couples, exes and hopeful singletons together for the most honest conversation of their lives. In this episode, Danielle hasn't seen her ex-boyfriend Alex for over a year. Now that she's marrying a woman, Alex wants to know if Danielle might have also said yes to him. Hairdressers Henry and Kris hide their feelings beneath their makeup. One of them wants more and is prepared to bare his soul. It could be the most romantic or the most awkward conversation of their lives. Beth and Simon hadn't been in a relationship for long when their lives were turned upside down by a cruel twist of fate. The stakes are high as Dan helps them find out where they now stand.

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  • S1Ep6: Josh & Jay, Adam & Sarah, Rubi & Will, Byron & Danica  11/14/2016  

    Josh and Jay were engaged but split up ages ago. Now, after years of secrets, Josh has a shock revelation for his ex. But only The Lie Detective can get him to tell the whole truth.

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  • S1Ep5: Sam & Tom, Joe & Abbey, Marko & Ranette  11/7/2016  
  • S1Ep4: Kath & Steve, Charley & Can, Alana & Mitch  10/13/2016  

    Deception expert Dan Ribacoff brings couples, exes and hopeful singletons together for the most honest heart-to-heart of their lives. Joseph dated stunning model Abena for eight months. But he spent more time with his mystery 'cousin', which led to major truth issues for the couple. Can they get over it and fall in love again? Jazz and Kelly have been happily married for 18 months. Despite not taking life too seriously, it's time for them to have a serious talk about the future. Five years ago, professional gambler Michael seduced hairdresser Emma with his 'McDonalds Rap'. Was he the right person at the wrong time?

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  • S1Ep3: Joseph & Abena, Jaz & Kelly, Michael & Emma  10/6/2016  

    Deception expert Dan Ribacoff brings real-life couples, exes and hopeful singletons together for the most honest conversation of their lives. This episode sees more shock revelations, touching declarations, and happy endings. Marko and Ranette met four years ago when he crashed into her car. They fell in love and almost got married. But six months ago it fell apart. Ranette isn't over him, but needs to know whether she was the only woman Marko was charming into bed. And then there's the mystery of the rabbit... Joe and Abbey, have been together for four years. Despite describing Joe as the yin to her yang, their sex life's a bit of a non-starter. She's here to find out whether Joe doesn't fancy it, or doesn't fancy her. Alana and Mitch met on Tinder six months ago and enjoyed a great first date. After 20 attempts to make a second where do they stand? Is he just a player? Or Is she just not that into him?

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  • S1Ep2: Jonny & Katrina, Krysann & Segun, Chloe & Ryan  9/30/2016  

    Deception expert Dan Ribacoff brings real life couples, exes and hopeful singletons together for the most honest conversation of their lives. In this episode, Segun says the beautiful Krysann is his diamond, ever since he kissed her in KFC. What does the polygraph say? Jonny wants to persuade Katrina, his ex, that he's a bad lad who's turned good. But will she believe him? Chloe, former Miss Burnley, brings along her boyfriend Ryan, to discuss some elephants in the room, as emotions run high while the two sweethearts discuss their future.

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  • S1Ep1: Mitch & Katie, Kaisha & Damien, John & Sarah  9/23/2016  

    In this episode, can former footballer Mitch persuade his ex, Katie, to try again. Kaisha and Damien were engaged, until she caught him on Tinder. And Sara and John are friends without benefits. There's sexual chemistry, but what really happened between John and Sara's friends?(Subtitles)

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