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List of The Repo Man episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep2:   5/9/2013  

    Even if you have a bad credit rating, you can borrow money against your car in the form of a Logbook Loan. With 30,000 taken out every year, it's an increasingly attractive way to make ends meet as recession bites. But with interest rates reaching up to 400%, and with your car at risk, it's fast cash at a high price. In this second episode, notorious Repo Man Sean James takes back cars that have had money borrowed against them, whether their owners like it or not. During the worst snowfall in 30 years, Sean spots an opportunity to carry out his repossessions while most people are stranded in their houses and their cars are sitting ducks. The programme meets those who refuse to give their cars back willingly, fighting tooth and nail to keep them, as well as the innocent parties who have unknowingly bought a car with debt attached, yet who have to foot the bill or watch helplessly as Sean tows their car, and often their livelihood, away.

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  • S1Ep1: Brute Force  5/2/2013  

    In recession-hit Britain, people have been turning to finance companies to buy the items they need but can’t afford. Those who fail to keep up with the repayments could find themselves having Sean James, the repo man knocking on their door.

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