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List of The Returned episodes

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Season 2

Season 1

  • S1Ep8: La Horde  7/28/2013   1

    A flashback to the date of Camille's reappearance at the dam shows many Revenants also appearing at the same time. Waking in their car, Victor tells Julie and Laure that a group of Revenants tried to take him from the car in the middle of the night. After rescuing Toni, who attempts to commit suicide by jumping from the dam, the Revenants appear once more, and the group make their escape. On their way to the shelter, Victor discovers that Toni killed his brother, in turn causing his mother's death, and uses his ability to create visions to make Toni shoot himself in the stomach; he dies shortly after arrival. Simon breaks free from his jail cell and kidnaps his daughter, Chloé. Thomas arrives at the shelter, and the group realise that there are other Revenants, and that they are coming for them. They arrive at night, led by Lucy, and demand Camille, Victor, and Madame Costa in return for Chloé. Madame Costa reluctantly leaves; Julie will not give up Victor, and decides to go with him; and Claire chooses to go with her daughter. Although Chloé is returned, Lucy also demands Adèle, promising to go after them if they do not hand her over. He refuses, and the police force lock the building down before engaging in a shootout. Inside, Chloé tells Adèle that they were after her because Adèle is pregnant with Simon's baby. In the morning, the Revenants have disappeared, along with the bodies of any police officers, and the people in the shelter step out to discover the entire town flooded.

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  • S1Ep7: Adèle  7/21/2013   1

    Camille finds purpose when she decides to invent images of an afterlife to comfort her friend's parents, but is distraught when they commit suicide in the hopes of meeting their son sooner. Pierre shows Claire his shelter stocked with food and firearms, believing that the appearance of the Revenants marks the end of days. Lucy appears to have gained understanding regarding the purpose of the Revenants, and persuades Simon that he no longer needs Adèle; father Jean-François' betrayal of him to the police only pushes him further to her. Serge and Toni attempt to track Lena, and Toni glimpses his deceased mother in the forest. While trying to cross the lake by swimming, Serge disappears under the water. Lena finds her way to the shelter, and helps Camille cover up marks that have appeared on her face. Simon also finds marks and decaying flesh on his stomach. Laure and Julie reignite their relationship, and attempt to leave with Victor, but are bewildered to find they cannot leave the town, despite driving in the same direction; their journey has taken them over the dam at least three times, trapping them in town. Lucy finds a large group of as-yet unseen Revenants in the bar, and welcomes them.

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  • S1Ep6: Lucy  7/14/2013   1

    The town ends up being hit by a power cut. Pierre forms a community around Camille, who is now seen as a 'prophet'. Julie manages to find some refuge at Laure's house with Victor, whose body is undergoing a weird transformation.

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  • S1Ep5: Serge et Toni  7/7/2013   6

    The dead start to come out into the open but find it impossible to resume normal lives. Camille is rejected by Frederic whie Simon ends up being separated from Adele and Chloe after Thomas shoots at him in self-defence. Julie starts to have doubts and wonder if she be dead too. Luna is nursed by the serial killer as he attemptsto keep his murderous impulses under check.

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  • S1Ep4: Victor  6/30/2013   1

    Living as Alice is going well for Camille. Lena's scar is growing and seems to be draining her of energy. She believes that Camille is behind it and publicly denounces her to their friends. Julie is no longer able to keep Victor under wraps and the police take him away. Adele gets back with Simon and she introduces him to their daughter, Chloe. She then finds out the true circumstances about his death.

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  • S1Ep3: Julie  6/23/2013   33

    Camille invents a new identity for herself as 'cousin Alice' in an effort to rebuild her life. Léna discovers a strange, fast-spreading scar on her own body. Simon begins to get closer to Adéle, who finally accepts he has returned. As the dead though attempt to reclaim their lives, for the living, things seem more and more disturbed. Julie's past catches up with her and threatens to destroy her but she finds a saviour in an unlikely form.

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  • S1Ep2: Simon  6/16/2013   20

    Simon attempts to approach Adele, but Thomas learns about his 'return'.Camille is unable to fit back into her family. Her parents separated after her death, and now Claire is in a relationship with Pierre, an odd but charismatic figure who knew all along that the dead would return.

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  • S1Ep1: Camille  6/9/2013   8

    In a small Alpine village , some of those living there find themselves in a state of confusion, as they attempt to return to their homes unaware of the fact they have been dead for quite a few years. Camille has not aged at all, but finds her sister Lena all grown up. Simon discovers that his wife Adele is about to remarry.

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