The Soup Season 7 Episode 43 – October 8th 2010

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Watch The Soup season 7 episode 43 online. The Situation’s time-travel dance on Dancing with the Stars; The Amazing Race’s a capella studs get spooked by the Ghana locals; Tiger Woods’ alleged sex tape; Harry Loves Lisa; Courtney Love’s naked tweet; Oprah’s money fight with J.K. Rowling; Charo’s live “performance” on Wendy Williams; Dr. Oz diagnoses anal cramps; Undercover Boss has to deal with crap on the job… literally; Fredo’s intense workouts on The Biggest Loser; Kim of The Real Housewives of Atlanta goes bisexual; chemical warfare on Bad Girls Club: Miami; Logo’s new gay show, The A-List: New York; Nancy Grace shows her softer side on Swift Justice.Plus: the kick-ass clip of the week: Today’s shocking story of 911 “non-emergiences.”

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