Tiny House Nation Season 3 Episode 7 – 300 Sq. Ft. His n’ Hers House

Air Date : Jul 13 2015 | 77 Views | 0 comment(s)

Watch Tiny House Nation season 3 episode 7 online. Kelsey and Matt have been friends and roommates for several years now. Recently, the two broke the cardinal rule: don’t date your housemate. With all going well so far, they’ve decided to take the next big step in their relationship–building a tiny house. However, just because the quarters are about to get closer doesn’t mean Kelsey and Matt are ready to share a room. Our challenge is to build a tiny house that still provides ample privacy for these two techy best friends turned lovebirds as their romance evolves. Other challenges include a separate sink and vanity areas, a video picture wall to showcase the couple’s adventures, and ports for iPads and other devices throughout the house.

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