List of True Blood episodes

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Season 7

Season 6

  • S6Ep10: Radioactive  8/18/2013  

    Bill discovers that salvation comes at a price; Jason senses a vampire attraction firsthand. Sookie examines her future with Warlow, while Bon Temps braces itself when a new crisis threatens both humans and vampires.

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  • S6Ep9: Life Matters  8/11/2013  

    A desperate Bill tries to ferry Warlow away from the faerie plain, but Sookie is having none of it. Meanwhile, Eric arrives at vamp camp, looking to inflict serious human damage. In Bon Temps, friends and family take emotional turns remembering a fallen neighbor. Bill feels the pull of Lilith’s sirens.

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  • S6Ep8: Dead Meat  8/4/2013  

    Sookie faces a major dilemma in deciding whether to broker a deal between Warlow and Bill. In vamp camp, Jason gets to know Violet (Karolina Wydra), while Sarah goes to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing. Alcide makes a decision that will impact the futures of Nicole and Sam.

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  • S6Ep7: In the Evening  7/28/2013  

    Eric makes a last-ditch effort to save an ailing Nora. A tragedy close to home forces Sam to ignore Alcide's warning and return to Bon Temps. Jessica shows her gratitude to James (Luke Grimes), a fellow incarcerated vamp, while an emboldened Sarah exacts a measure of revenge on Jason.

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  • S6Ep6: Don’t You Feel Me  7/21/2013  

    Sookie escapes to a Fae land where Bill cannot influence her. Bill decides to seek Lillith's advice. Eric, Pam, Nora, Jason and Jessica are in danger.

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  • S6Ep5: F**ck The Pain Away  7/14/2013  

    Seeking more answers about her past, Sookie enlists Lafayette to summon her dead parents. Meanwhile, Eric and Tara resort to drastic measures when Pam finds herself in dangerous territory. Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) reconnects with Jason as Jessica seeks atonement.

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  • S6Ep4: At Last  7/7/2013  

    Sookie confronts her growing attraction to the mysterious Ben. Eric counters Burrell's brutal anti-vampire initiatives by hitting his nemesis where it hurts the most. Growing up all too quickly, Andy's faerie daughters end up keeping dangerous company. Sam and Nicole make a connection. Bill tasks Takahashi (Keone Young) to synthesize a new kind of blood.

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  • S6Ep3: You’re No Good  6/30/2013  

    Irate over Burrell’s blatant aggression towards vampires, Eric takes matters into his own hands. After dangerously testing the limits of his powers, Bill enlists a TruBlood innovator to synthesize a new type of blood – but has difficulty finding the right donor. Sookie begins to learn why Warlow is after her. Sam receives unexpected help from Nicole and her Vampire Unity Society (V.U.S.) associates. Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) finds his past ideals turning into a current nightmare.

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  • S6Ep2: The Sun  6/23/2013  

    A long-lost relative reveals himself to Jason and Sookie. After Tara is victimized by a new government weapon, Eric takes matters into his own hands in an effort to thwart Burrell’s anti-vampire initiatives. On the road to work, Sookie is drawn to a handsome stranger who shares her faerie abilities. Sam is unnerved by supernatural-rights zealot Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), and is confronted by Alcide and Martha (Dale Dickey) about Emma’s future. Bill contemplates the scope of his heightened powers.

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  • S6Ep1: Who Are You, Really?  6/16/2013  

    Season 6 of True Blood begins with the wake of Bill's (Stephen Moyer) blood-soaked reincarnation and Sookie (Anna Paquin), Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), Jason (Ryan Kwanten), Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), Tara (Rutina Wesley), Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Nora (Lucy Griffiths) flee the Authority compound as Sam (Sam Trammell), Luna (Janina Gavankar) and Emma (Chloe Noelle) dodge swarming guards. Now packmaster, Alcide (Joe Manganiello) discovers that the job comes with unsavory side dishes, but other major perks. In Bon Temps, Andy (Chris Bauer) deals with parenting four newborn human-faerie hybrids. Meanwhile, Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell (Arliss Howard) vows open season on vampires. Jessica returns to Compton Place as Jason hitches a ride with an eerie stranger.

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Season 5

  • S5Ep12: Save Yourself  8/26/2012  

    This is the season finale of True Blood season 5 series. On the season finale, Eric embarks on the last and desperate mission to overthrow the AUTHORITY and then save Bill from losing his humanity. Meanwhile, Andy faces the consequences of a light pact he made while Alcide prepares for a 2nd showdown with J.D. In the meantime, Sam and Luna test their limits in trying to escape the Authority.

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  • S5Ep11: Song of the Dead Faerie  8/19/2012  

    Sookie probes an ancient family secret with help from a faerie elder; Jessica is an unwilling participant in Bill's ongoing religious conversion; Alcide reconnects with his father; the military uses a video of Russell and Steve Newlin as ammunition; Sam and Luna hitch a ride into the Authority.

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  • S5Ep10: Gone, Gone, Gone  8/12/2012  

    With vampire-on-human attacks increasing, the Authority attempts to woo public favor. Meanwhile, Nora tries to convert Eric to Lilith

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  • S5Ep9: Everybody Wants to Rule the World  8/5/2012  

    Gran gives Sookie a clue about her parents' death. While the Authority proceed with Lilith's plans, Bill and Eric plot their escape. Sam, Andy, and Jason try to figure out who are the shifter murderers. Alcide recalls his pack induction.

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  • S5Ep8: Somebody That I Used To Know  7/29/2012  

    The episode was directed by Stephen Moyer and written by Mark Hudis. The Authority revels in a new direction; Sookie and Jason visit the site of their parents

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  • S5Ep7: In The Beginning  7/22/2012  

    The episode was directed by Michael Ruscio and written by Brian Buckner. Salome reveals her true allegiances while Sookie embraces her human side. Meanwhile, Sam sniffs out some perpetrators and Alcide braces for a fight.

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  • S5Ep6: Hopeless  7/15/2012  

    Dan Attias directed this episode and written Alan Ball. In this episode, the aftermath at the asylum puts Sookie on edge while the agressive behavior of Tara leads to a fight that Pam is forced to breakup. Lafayette discovers that someone else has received an alarming message from Jesus. Sam helps Andy with an investigation.

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  • S5Ep5: Boot N’ Rally Ally  7/8/2012  

    Bill and Eric "use" Sookie to probe for clues regarding the hiding place of Russel considering that their time is running short already. Lafayette calls out the spirit of Jesus for help after he was unable to deal with the demon magic inside him. Meanwhile, Patrick Devins and Terry are held hostage in the bunker of their Iraq War buddy Brian Eller while Jason wakes to a disturbing dream. On the other hand, Jessica gives Tara advice on adjusting to vampire life while Sam visits Luna with bad news. This True Blood episode was directed by Michael Lehmann and written by Angela Robinson.

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  • S5Ep4: We’ll Meet Again  7/1/2012  

    Eric and Bill try to look for other people who knew about the disposal of Russell Edgington while Pam tries to be a good maker for her new progeny. However, Pam wonders what will be her relationship with her own. Patrick and Terry hunt for a former comrade while Roman try to search for a traitor in his inner circle. Sam, on the other hand, was visited by some old friends and a judge takes Jason and Andy to an exclusive club.

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  • S5Ep3: Whatever I Am, You Made Me  6/24/2012  

    Sookie worries that the parents of Debbie Pelt and Alcide might find out about what really happened to her as the search for her became official when they visit Bon Temps and ask Andy to look for her. On the other hand, the proposal made by Bill and Eric is taken into consideration by Roman which involves doing away with Russel Edgington despite that Salome has her own separate vetting process. Jason has an easy reunion with his influential high school teacher.

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  • S5Ep2: Authority Always Wins  6/17/2012  

    Eric and Bill try to keep their wits about them when they're put through the interrogation wringer at the Vampire Authority headquarters in New Orleans. Meanwhile, Pam recalls her first meeting with Eric in early 20th-century San Francisco; Alcide turns his back on Marcus' wolf pack; Emma's grandmother comes between Sam and Luna; Steve Newlin wants what he thinks belongs to Jessica; and Jason's womanizing comes back to haunt him.

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  • S5Ep1: Turn! Turn! Turn!  6/10/2012  

    If you happen to see this page then you might think that there's season 5 for True Blood, well, you're [email protected] right! HBO has renewed the hit show TRUE BLOOD for another 12-episode and this was announced by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming in a press release that they've released recently. So we will expect the series to return in Summer 2012. In the episode, Lafayette

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Season 4

  • S4Ep12: And When I Die (Finale)  9/11/2011  

    The souls of the dead rise up in Bon Temps. Sookie makes some important associations. The connection of Jesus and Lafayette is imperiled. Sam and Luna imagine a happy and perfect future. Sookie and Tara are confronted by Debbie. The season finale of True Blood Season 4 (i.e. episode 12: And When I Die) was directed by Scott Winant and written by Raelle Tucker.

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  • S4Ep11: Soul of Fire  9/4/2011  

    It's up to Sookie and her powers to keep Bill, Eric and Pam from harm. While Jesus casts a spell, Lafayette is totally absorbed by the past. Sams gets even with Marcus and Alcide deals with Debbie head on. Andy's foray into the forest is filled with deep, overwhelming emotion. True Blood season 4 episode 11 was directed by Michael Lehmann and story written by Mark Hudis.

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  • S4Ep10: Burning Down the House  8/28/2011  

    Bill needs Sookie to use her powers which results in breaking a spell. Jessica is implored to glamour Jason. Terry tries to help Andy with an intervention. Alcide reassesses his loyalties. Bill organizes the vampires to attack Marnie's Moon Goddess Emporium while Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie and Jason attempt to free Tara and Holly. True Blood season 4 episode 10 was directed by Lesli Linka Glatter and written by Nancy Oliver.

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  • S4Ep9: Run  8/21/2011  

    Sookie tries to figure out how to fit both Bill and Eric into her life. (How she will do that? I hope she will not do what I am thinking right now, i.e. she'll love them both!) Meanwhile, Lafayette needs the help of Jesus to rid him of the spirit that has taken over. Elsewhere, Alcide is called upon by Marcus to help render assistance. Opposing ideas bring Bill into direct conflict with Nan. Marnie secretly plans out the strategy for her next step against the vampires in spite of Tara and the apprehension of Holly about the outcome. True Blood season 4 episode 9: Run is directed by Romeo Tirone and story written by Brian Buckner.

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  • S4Ep8: Spellbound  8/14/2011  

    Bill and Marnie prepares for an open confrontation while The King secures the loyalty of Sookie and Eric. Meanwhile, Jason is emotionally conflicted - because of Hoyt or Jessica? On the other hand, a spirit manipulates Lafayette for its own purposes - this is the result of her search for powe and Sam must again face an enemy that he must deal again. For the promotional video or trailer or sneak peek of True Blood Season 4 episode 8: Spellbound, well, it will be provided here later whenever it is available. So check out the updates here at Telepisodes plus methods and links to watch the episodes online. True Blood season 4 episode 8 was directed by Daniel Minahan and written by Alan Ball.

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  • S4Ep7: Cold Grey Light of Dawn  8/7/2011  

    In the episode, Eric shows keen interest in accepting his amnesia as Bill passes an order that is seems to be disliked by everyone. Meanwhile, Luna discovers some interesting details about Sam while Holly and Andy hook up. On the other hand, Lafayette becomes more aware of his own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings - maybe this is the result of his reunion with his grand pa, hmmm.... Jessica is now not so sure about her current relationship and what it will be in the future. It seems that man-vampire relationship is really difficult to work out, specially if the best friend of your partner is too hot to handle. Elsewhere, Alcide and Debbie decide to join a new werewolf community. The following shows the promo trailer of True Blood 4.07 from SpoilerTV:

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  • S4Ep6: I Wish I Was the Moon  7/31/2011  

    "I Wish I Was the Moon" is the episode 6 of the True Blood season4 where Sookie Stackhouse will try to search for Jason (Ryan Kwanten) under a full moon. I am wondering right now if wh will accompany her? She don't know that Jason is under the care of his best friend Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack) and the virgin vampire Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll). Meanwhile, Arlene and Terry have to deal with a suspicious out-of-control fire while Marnie establishes a rapport with past spirits. On the other hand, Alcide considers Debbie's persuasive effort to join a new werewolf community while Sam and Tommy trade places. Lafayette is making headway in Mexico and finally Eric (Alexander Skarsg

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  • S4Ep5: Me and the Devil  7/24/2011  

    The "Me and the Devil" episode of True Blood surround with Bill getting into some difficulty while Sookie takes Eric under her wing who was very drunk because of the fairy blood that he got from the "fairy god mother" of Sookie on the previous episode. Meanwhile, Tommy involves Sam in his criminal activities while Arlene and Terry look to religion for answers. Elsewhere, after Jason was freed finally from being tied and raped on bed when a young were-panthers when he convinced her to untie him on the last episode, he gradually regains his health. Meanwhile, Lafayette and Jesus make their way to Mexico seeking a way to control their powers. True Blood season 4 episode 5: Me and the Devil was preceded by "I'm Alive and On Fire" and was directed by Daniel Minahan and written by Mark Hudis. For preview or promo trailer of the episode, it will be embedded or poster here whenever it is already available over Youtube.

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  • S4Ep4: I’m Alive and On Fire  7/17/2011  

    Next on True Blood season 4 is "I'm Alive and On Fire" which is the fourth episode of the series. In the episode, Sookie will seek help from Alice to find Eric while Bill looks for a link with the Bellefleurs. Elsewhere, Marnie requires to undo a spell and help is necessary to do that while Same manage to make it into the inner circle of Luna. Jason on the other hand, like free of his obligations (?) while Tommy goes back to where he originally belongs. True Blood season 4 episode 4: I'm Alive and on Fire is directed by Michael Lehmann and written by Nancy Oliver.

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  • S4Ep3: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin  7/10/2011  

    Watch True Blood season 4 episode 3 with an episode title of "If You Love Me, Why am I Dyin'? The original air date of the episode is July 10, 2011. It will be about Eric and Sookie working out an agreement. Meanwhile, Bill give advice and guidance to Jessica. On the hand, Jason becomes the hero while Tommy once again becomes very estranged from Sam. Other story to be featured on this episode will be the instruction of Pam to Lafayette which requires some demand to be met as retaliation may be in order if this wouldn't be met. Meanwhile, Another one, Marnie sets out to give her new powers a try while Eric upsets a get-together. You can get more of the True Blood season 4 episode 3 this Sunday by watching it on TV or the full replay of this episode here anytime you want it. Just proceed to watch now button below and you are all set to watch True Blood episodes. Enjoy!

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  • S4Ep2: You Smell Like Dinner  7/3/2011  

    The 2nd episode of True Blood season 4 is entitled as "You Smell Like Dinner" and its original air date is July 3, 2011. This True Blood season 4 episode 2 surround with Tara and Sookie working together to work on a certain real-estate issue while Bill and Eric discussd a local coven that might lead to a big problem for the vampires. Meanwhile, Jason received some unconventional medical help and that is according to some spoilers - "Jason gets his wounds licked..." by whom? Just watch it. Aside from this, other events happened on the episode is that Sam discovered some things about the demons of Luna while Jessica keeps on controlling her craving for human blood despite the fact the the urge for it is becoming stronger and spoilers said that she did satisfies herself but how... I won't reveal! :) I guess if you are so excited about this episode already and wants to know what happens next via watching True Blood season 4 episode 2 then get a HBO GO subscription already. If you can't then check out the shared links below for the web search results I found for you to able to watch True Blood season 4 episode 2.

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  • S4Ep1: She’s Not There  6/26/2011  

    If you're into a little bit of everything in every bite, then you

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Season 3

  • S3Ep12: Evil is Going On (Finale)  9/12/2010  

    On next Sunday of True Blood, September 12, 2010, Season 3 episode 12 will be the season's finale of this much watched vampire series featuring the story of Sookie, Bill and Eric. The new series episode is entitled as "Evil is Going On" a finale that everyone should watch but must wait until next Sunday to happen. Almost every vampire's dream is to walk directly under the sun and it seems Sookie's blood is the solution to this. However, her blood is not limitless and about to reach its maximum limit. As every people surrounds her got their own issues to Now with the finale, the last event that you need to check out out of True Blood are "Sookie gives careful consideration to a life without vampires of any kind. While secretly planning a perfect payback for Russell, Eric deals with his feelings of right and wrong. Tommy's latest overstepping boundaries leaves Sam in a rage. A new vocation is in store for Jason after he warns Crystal's family about a potential drug raid. Jesus has something more to offer than just an interpersonal relationship when Lafayette comes to him for help. Hoyt ignores his mother and entertains plans for a future with Jessica." The promotional video of True Blood Season 3 episode 12 - the season finale shows some scenes to expect from the "Evil is Going on" episode: Watch True Blood Season 3 Finale online here at

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  • S3Ep11: Fresh Blood  8/29/2010  

    Bill tries to earn Sookie's trust; Eric tempts Russell; Sam embraces his dark side; Hoyt and Jessica take their romance to the next level; Arlene puts her future in the hands of a goddess; Lafayette struggles with new demons.

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  • S3Ep10: I Smell a Rat  8/22/2010  

    Bill reveals to Sookie her secret, and warns her about the danger it entails. Jesus experiments with V. Sam has flashbacks about a dark time in his life. Jessica must choose between Hoyt and Tommy.

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  • S3Ep9: Everything is Broken  8/15/2010  

    True Blood season 3 episode 9 is entitled as "Everything is Broken" which is airing on August 15, 2010. Things are getting complicated and I am so intrigued to what Bill says to Sookie in the promo trailer about saying "I know what you are!" I wonder what is really Sookie? ;) Oh well, the following synopsis from shows what to expect on the current episode 9: The Vampire Rights Amendment is close to being ratified so Nan confronts Eric at Fangtasia about the whereabouts of the Magister. Russell vows revenge against all his vampire and human adversaries. Bill discovers the truth about Sookie's true identity. Unexpected help arrives as Jason goes up against Felton and Calvin. Arlene is overcome by a sense of futility about her future while Tara meets up with a new ally and with someone who caused her pain in the past. Sookie meets a new family member. Hoyt addresses his real feelings head on. Later, watch True Blood season 3 episode 9 "Everything is Broken" online on the 15th of August beginning at 9PM E.T.

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  • S3Ep8: Night on the Sun  8/8/2010  

    Sookie doesn't feel like she can trust Bill after all of the danger she and her family has been put through. Sophie-Anne moves in with the King. Lafayette is surprised by a visit from his Mom. The King comes for Sookie.

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  • S3Ep7: Hitting the Ground  8/1/2010  

    Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 7 (S03E07) - Hitting the Ground online for free. When "love" talks it seems that every logical reasons are not considered. Any danger and untoward consequences doesn't matter as long as the lover find what she's seeking. That is what Sookie is feeling when she decided to look for his lost love Bill. On the next episode entitled "Hitting the Ground," Sookie's attempt to rescue Bill and get him out on his current troublesome situtation has developed in a very unforseen consequences. On the other hand, Jason tries to find the the truth about Crystal while Sam will be stepping in to Tommy who gets involved in a dog fighting ring because of Melinda and Joe Lee's quest for money. Eric figures out how to get the information he wants from Sophie-Anne and Debbie plans to get even with Alcide while Russell ignores the Magister. True Blood season 3 episode 7 will be hitting the ground on Sunday, August 1, 2010 beginning at 9pm E.T. Go back here to watch the said episode. Meanwhile, you can watch other episodes from this site by hitting the search button found at the top of the site. Here's the recent promo trailer of the said episode:

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  • S3Ep6: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues  7/25/2010  

    Spurned by Eric, Sookie fears the worst for Bill, whose fate now lies in Lorena's hands. Jason's romance with Crystal hits a snag, as does Lafayette's with Jesus. Fueled by a night of passion, Tara executes a desperate plan to stave off Franklin's advances. After revealing his master plan to Eric, Russell pays a visit to Louisiana in order to start executing it. In Bon Temps, Tommy finds it difficult to leave the family nest. Jessica gets her fix from a Merlotte's customer.

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  • S3Ep5: Trouble  7/18/2010  

    Tara is still a bit tied up. Eric is brought to see the King and learns some interesting truths. Sookie is still dancing with wolves. Lafayette has a love interest. Sam grows concerned about his brother.

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  • S3Ep4: 9 Crimes  7/11/2010  

    Sookie joins Alcide at a raucous engagement party for his former fiancée, Debbie Pelt; Eric is given a deadline to locate Bill; Andy gets a promotion and draws Jason's attention; Franklin takes Tara on a road trip; Arlene is irked by Jessica's arrival at Merlotte's; Sam brokers a deal with Tommy and his parents; Bill "procures" dinner for Russell and Lorena.

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  • S3Ep3: It Hurts Me Too  6/27/2010  

    Sookie heads to Jackson in the company of a werewolf; Jason is distracted from his police exams; Arlene copes with unexpected news; Franklin charms Tara; Eric gives Lafayette a gift; Bill is haunted by his past.

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  • S3Ep2: Beautifully Broken  6/20/2010  

    Sam tests the strength of his family bonds. Tara finds an ally in a shady vampire named Franklin Mott. Eric remembers his past. Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, concocts a plan to consolidate his power.

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  • S3Ep1: Bad Blood  6/13/2010  

    Sookie turns to Eric for help in finding Bill; Andy urges Jason to stay the course; Sam reconnects with his past; Tara seeks refuge from her grief.

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Season 2

  • S2Ep12: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’  9/13/2009  

    Bon Temps reaches a fever pitch as Maryann prepares for her ultimate bestial sacrifice, conscripting Sookie to be Maid of Honor at the bloody nuptials. Meanwhile, Sophie-Anne warns Eric to keep the lid on Bill’s inquisitiveness; Jason leads Andy into the heroic abyss; and Hoyt struggles with Maxine’s endless stream of insults. Deliberating on what may be his final move to save Sookie and the town, Sam places his trust, and his life, in a most unlikely ally.

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  • S2Ep11: Frenzy  8/30/2009  

    With the crisis in Bon Temps careening out of control, Bill seeks out the advice of Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, but must exercise patience before she gives him critical information. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette find that protecting Tara from herself is more difficult than they anticipated; a desperate Sam turns to an unlikely source for assistance; and Jessica tests Hoyt’s allegiance to Maxine.

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  • S2Ep10: New World in My View  8/23/2009  

    Sookie, Bill and Jason return to a Bon Temps turned upside down by Maryann. Lured to Merlotte’s by Arlene, Sam and Andy find cold comfort in their refuge from a group of bloodthirsty revelers. Bill discovers that traditional vampire techniques don’t work on Maryann; Hoyt and Jessica try to keep a lid on Maxine’s madness; and Sookie tries to push through the darkness consuming Tara. With all hell breaking loose, Jason takes the bull by the horns to rescue Sam, at least for the moment.

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  • S2Ep9: I Will Rise Up  8/16/2009  

    A wounded Eric plays Sookie for a sucker, to Bill’s dismay, and ends up getting inside her head. Later, Sookie and Jason bond over their recent adventures. Blaming Eggs for Tara’s bruises and bizarre behavior, Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to figure out a way to pry their kin from Maryann’s clutches. Hoyt defends his relationship with Jessica to Maxine, to no avail. Jailed by Bud along with a group of Bon Temps revelers, Sam looks for a way to escape and avoid capture by an increasingly obsessed Maryann. In Dallas, Eric and the vampires defend their recent actions to Nan Flanagan and are shocked when Godric decides to take the fall for their PR disaster.

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  • S2Ep8: Timebomb  8/9/2009  

    Sookie’s captivity takes an unexpected turn when Eric arrives to do his master’s bidding on the eve of the Fellowship’s lockdown. In Bon Temps, Sam finds himself in hot water after making a gruesome discovery at Merlotte’s, and Andy proves no help in coming to his defense. Sent home by Bill, Jessica and Hoyt learn that when it comes to sex, every time is the first time. Tara and Eggs devour a mysterious meal prepared by Maryann, with unexpected results. After Jason pays off his debt to the vampires, Godric looks to enlighten his more single-minded followers.

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  • S2Ep7: Release Me  8/2/2009  

    Betrayed by Daphne, Sam finds himself in an unenviable predicament at the hands of Maryann and her wild-eyed minions. Imprisoned with Hugo in the F.O.T.S. church, Sookie uses her telepathic powers to reach out to Bill, who’s being detained at the hotel by a stubbornly obsessive Lorena. After crossing a line with the Newlins, a fearful Jason tries to sever his ties with the Fellowship of the Sun, but gets plenty of resistance from Steve and his enforcer Gabe.

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  • S2Ep6: Hard-Hearted Hannah  7/26/2009  

    Hugo and Sookie embark on a dangerous mission to locate Godric. Meanwhile, Bill is shocked when a vampire from his distant, more violent past resurfaces in Dallas. In Bon Temps, Daphne presses Sam to get comfortable in his own skin(s); Hoyt continues his unlikely courtship of Jessica; Andy interrogates Lafayette about his disappearance; and Tara and Eggs take a detour while on a road trip. At the Light of Day camp, Jason faces difficult emotional and physical choices.

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  • S2Ep5: Never Let Me Go  7/19/2009  

    Tara's birthday party is still in full swing as Sam follows Daphne out into the woods, where she reveals to him that she is a shapeshifter too. They start to make out, but are interrupted by Terry and Arlene and Daphne wanders off. In Dallas, Sookie chases Barry, and he tells her that if any of the Dallas vampires find out about his abilities, it would mean serious trouble for both of them. After Bill reprimands her for ordering a young man off of the Carmilla Hotel menu, Jessica calls Hoyt and the two share a conversation about comic books. At the Light of Day Institute, Jason and the others are put through an intensive training course by Sarah and a very demanding drill instructor. When Luke has trouble completing one of the exercises, Jason helps him out and is commended for being a real soldier of God. Meanwhile, Sookie tries to connect with Barry one more time and learns that he is ashamed of his abilities and cannot control his telepathy the way she can. Even though she offers to teach him, Barry tells her to leave him alone. Maryann continues to stir up trouble in Bon Temps after trying to move into Sookie

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  • S2Ep4: Shake and Fingerpop  7/12/2009  

    With Jessica in tow, Bill and Sookie head to Dallas to carry out Eric’s vampire-reconnaissance mission – but a surprise awaits them at the airport. At the Light of Day Institute, Jason falls victim to a practical joke, but has the last laugh when the Newlins anoint him for a higher calling. Maryann throws Tara a birthday party at Sookie’s, attracting much of Bon Temps to its Bacchanalian revelry. Sam postpones his departure from town to attend the bash, connecting with Daphne in the process. Having barely escaped Fangtasia, Lafayette finds himself reluctantly pulled back into Eric’s orbit.

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  • S2Ep3: Scratches  6/28/2009  

    Bill, Eric and the rest of the vampires are caught off-guard when a creature savagely attacks Sookie. A shy Hoyt finds himself attracted to Jessica as she makes her first visit to Merlotte's. Sarah and Steve try to boost the confidence in Jason in his calling. Meanwhile, Sam considers moving to new scenery, and Tara is shocked by the revelry at Maryann's latest bacchanal.

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  • S2Ep2: Keep This Party Going  6/21/2009  

    After making up with Bill, Sookie suggests that he take it a little easier on Jessica as she is just a teenager. Bill tries to convince Sookie that a vampire as new as she is is not capable of controlling her impulses and that she could be dangerous. En route to the Light of Day Leadership conference, Jason becomes fast friends with an anti-vampire zealot named Luke. However, after Jason makes a good impression on Steve Newlin, and Sarah Newlin in particular, Luke

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  • S2Ep1: Nothing But the Blood  6/14/2009  

    The citizens of Bon Temps are worried another murderer is on the loose when a body is discovered at Merlotte's. Meanwhile, Sookie is irked at the presence of Jessica, a teen protege of Bill's, and his role in a death in the Stackhouse family. Jason prays for a way to pay to attend a retreat with an anti-vampire group.

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Season 1

  • S1Ep12: You’ll Be the Death of Me  11/23/2008  

    Sookie explains to Jason that she believes she has found the identity of the killer who has been murdering the women in Bon Temps, but Jason has her dismissed from the jail, refusing to listen to her. Maryann continues to comfort Tara and talks with her about her problems, gaining her trust. A representative of the Fellowship of the Sun named Orry visits Jason in prison and gives him some literature about the Fellowship, and tries to convince Jason that even if he did kill the women, his motive was pure because they were all supporters of vampires. Tara meets Benedict "Eggs" Talley, another person who Maryann has taken in under the pretense of helping him rebuild his life. The two of them begin to become interested in each other. Sookie, working at Merlotte's, becomes overwhelmed with the insulting and hateful thoughts all of the townsfolk are thinking about her brother and asks Sam for permission to leave. She finds she is unable to start her car, and as she gets angrier Rene shows up and offers her a ride home. Sam finds Rene's vest and, smelling it, realizes there may be a connection to Rene and the murders. At Sookie's house, Sookie discovers that Rene was the killer by reading his mind and tries to shoot him, but Rene has emptied her gun. She runs into the cemetery with Rene following behind. Bill risks his life by emerging into the sun to try to go to Sookie's aid, but he is quickly weakened and seriously injured by the burning. Sam appears and, in the form of a dog, bites Rene to distract him. Sookie attacks Rene with a shovel, ending in his decapitation. Sam and Sookie discover Bill, weak and burning, and quickly bury him. Later, Sookie is comforted by her friends and by Jason who has been released from prison following the discovery of the real murderer. Bill appears at her doorstep, completely healed, and the two share a tender moment. At Merlotte's, Andy Bellefleur is upset and depressed after his failure to solve the case, and begins drinking. While cleaning o

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  • S1Ep11: To Love Is to Bury  11/16/2008  

    As part of the vampire ritual, Bill buries Jessica's body in the ground, waiting for her to turn. After being attacked at Merlotte's, Sookie once again has Sam stay with her for protection and the two start growing much closer in Bill's absence. Jason helps Amy clean up the mess Eddie's death left behind and demands that she get rid of every drop of V-juice in the house. The next morning, Sookie searches for the young woman she saw in her vision. With Sam's help, Sookie tracks the woman (named Cindy) down to a pie store. They learn from one of the patrons that Cindy was a fangbanger and that her brother, Drew Marshall, disappeared shortly after her death under suspicious circumstances. Jason confides in Rene and Hoyt about Amy's V-juice habit. Sam and Sookie persuade a difficult police officer to give them information on Drew Marshall, and he promises to fax a photo through to the Bon Temps police station. After seeing his state senator friend on television campaigning against vampire and homosexual rights, Lafayette confronts him about his lies. Amy cooks Jason a nice meal and the two make up. On the way home, Sookie confides in Sam that she thinks she is in love with Bill, but expresses doubt over his loyalties to his fellow vampires. Jason and Amy decide to do V together one last time and while they are passed out, the killer sneaks into their bedroom and strangles Amy to death. Meanwhile, Jessica awakens and crawls out of the ground. Bill tries to impart his wisdom about being vampire, but she turns out to be a disobedient, overly-excited pain in the neck. Lettie Mae refuses to bail Tara out of prison because she is a danger to her soul. They leave on bad terms. Jason wakes up to find Amy dead and calls the police. Bill, needing to get back to Sookie, leaves Jessica with Eric. Tara is bailed out of prison by a woman named Maryanne Forrester, who takes Tara into her lavish home. At Sookie's house, Sookie and Sam wind up sharing a kiss just as Bill walks in and attacks Sam. Seeing Bill's vicious side, Sookie rescinds his invitation into her house and slams the door on him. Jason is taken into police custody, saying he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt. A gossipy and distracted secretary is on the phone, and doesn't notice the fax of Drew Marshall's photo before burying it under a pile of paperwork. It is Rene.[36][37]

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  • S1Ep10: I Don’t Wanna Know  11/9/2008  

    Sookie jumps out of bed and races into the bathroom, screaming that Sam is the murderer. He follows her and confesses to being a shapeshifter, even shifting into the dog and back right in front of her. Later, he and Sookie discuss their situation and, after Sookie asks him how many more supernatural creatures there are in the world, he says that there are more than she could imagine. Sookie storms off, angry about having been lied to. Tara goes back to Miss Jeanette to get her exorcism, during which she is fed a strange solution which makes her hallucinate a young version of herself, which represents all the negative feelings Tara is trying to exorcise. Tara kills the hallucination and Miss Jeanette comforts her, telling Tara that it is over. Amy discovers Jason's deception, but decides to forgive him, even going so far as to say they should start treating Eddie more like a member of their family. Tara returns home to share the good news with her mother, but Tara's celebration is short-lived when she discovers that Miss Jeanette is a fraud who fed Tara and her mother ipecac and peyote. Tara decides to hide the truth from her mother. Lafayette is paid a visit by the state senator seen in Mine. He is looking for V, but Lafayette has something more physical for him. Sam reminisces about the first time he ever shapeshifted as a teenager. When he returned home from school the next day, his adoptive parents had packed up their things and left. That night, there is an engagement party at Merlotte's for Arlene and Rene and almost the whole town turns out, but Sookie is lonely there without Bill, who has been taken before a vampire tribunal, where a ruthless Magister deals out justice. Tara has too much to drink, fights with Sam and storms off. On the road, she swerves to avoid a naked woman walking a large pig and ends up being arrested. Andy gets closer to the truth about Sam, Sookie has a vision of a young woman being murdered and the killer suddenly strikes at her, but she manages to escape his clutches. Lafayette learns that Jason did something to Eddie and lashes out at him for being reckless. He and Amy return home arguing about Eddie. Jason wants to free him, but Amy is scared of him and of losing Jason, so she stakes Eddie right in front of Jason. The Magister hands down a creative punishment for Bill: he must turn a young teenager named Jessica into a vampire. And although Bill pleads with the Magister, the sentence is handed down and the episode ends with Bill feeding on her.[33][34]

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  • S1Ep9: Plaisir d’Amour  11/2/2008  

    Longshadow reaches for Sookie's neck and is about to bite, when Bill stakes him from behind, spraying Sookie with blood. Eric warns Bill that there will be consequences for killing a fellow vampire to save a human. Jason is clearly distressed about having kidnapped the vampire Eddie, but he and Amy take him back to Jason's house and chain him up in the basement anyway. The two immediately start using Eddie's blood to get high. Meanwhile, Tara is not entirely convinced she needs to have her demon exorcised. Miss Jeanette gives her a test: look at herself in the mirror and if she can count backwards to ten, she's wrong. Tara later tries it, but is interrupted by her mother. Tara later confesses to Sam that she might need an exorcism and he offers to pay for it. Sookie and Bill return from Fangtasia to discover that Sookie's cat has been murdered. At Merlotte's the next day, Sookie snaps at Andy for not having found the killer that is after her and Sookie finds some comfort in Amy, and the two start to bond. At home, Jason shows a small kindness to Eddie and the two get to talking about Eddie's past as a human and why he wanted to be a vampire. Eric, Pam and Chow, Longshadow's replacement, drop in on Bill and inform him that he must go before a vampire tribunal to be tried for his actions. The four of them drop by Merlotte's, where Bill asks Sam to watch over Sookie in his absence. Eric delivers a stern warning to the patrons of Merlotte's about becoming too comfortable around vampires. A warning delivered pointedly to Chuck, Wayne and Royce. After a tearful goodbye, Bill and Sookie part ways. Distraught, Sookie and Tara reconcile their broken friendship. But it seems short-lived when Sookie walks in on Sam and Tara making out, and runs out. A few minutes later, Sam goes after her, but is intercepted by Andy, who confronts him about lying about the naturist colony. Sam disappears into the bar, and a border collie runs out straight past Andy. Sookie goes to Bill's house, and the dog shows up there. Sookie decides to keep him with her, and names him Dean. Against Amy's wishes, Jason takes some TruBlood to Eddie. Sookie insists that Dean sleep on the bed with her, and she falls asleep. She stirs in the middle of the night and finds at the foot of the bed, not a dog but Sam, completely naked.[3

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  • S1Ep8: The Fourth Man in the Fire  10/26/2008  

    Sookie thinks Bill was killed in the fire, while Jason wakes up with Amy, thinking they had sex, but it turns out that they were simply V-tripping. Jason opens up to her about his parent's tragic deaths. Tara is amazed at Lettie Mae's seemingly instantaneous recovery and fights with Sookie about Bill. That night, Sookie takes flowers to Bill's grave. As she is walking back, she is attacked by Bill and they have sex. The next day, Jason introduces Amy to Merlotte's and she is hired as a new waitress, but Sookie tries to warn her about Jason. Tara lashes out at her mother's born-again Christianity and, after sleeping with Sam again, snaps at him. Sookie and Bill babysit Arlene's kids and Rene proposes to Arlene, who accepts. Mike Spencer, the coroner, identifies the fourth body in the fire as Neil, his assistant who was secretly a "fang banger". Sam is interrogated by Bud and Andy. Sam claims that he comes from a family of naturists and runs naked through the woods once a year to honor them. But Andy checks and finds out Sam was lying. After talking with Lafayette, Tara starts thinking that she may need an exorcism. Jason sees Amy's darker side when she reveals that she needs more V, but Lafayette won't sell it to him. They decide to follow him and discover that he gets his V-juice from a gay vampire, Eddie. Bill finds Eric in his bathtub who needs Sookie to work for him. Tara goes to Miss Jeanette to get her exorcism. After Lafayette leaves, Jason and Amy kidnap Eddie and shove him into Jason's truck. Sookie reluctantly goes to Fangtasia, where Eric uses her telepathy to find who has embezzled. Sookie learns that a woman named Ginger knows the money was taken, but her memory has been wiped, which means a vampire must have stolen it. At that moment, Longshadow attacks her.[27][28]

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  • S1Ep7: Burning House of Love  10/19/2008  

    After taking Sookie's blood and her virginity, Bill and Sookie soak in a warm bath. She feels comfortable enough to reveal a very dark secret. When she was a young girl, she was molested by her uncle Bartlett and she fails to notice the hateful, frightening look on Bill's face. A desperate Jason tries to score more V from Lafayette, who throws him out saying he will not sell anymore to someone as irresponsible as Jason. He goes to Sookie's house and tries to take some of Adele's old silver to sell, but Sookie stops him. Tara attempts to smooth things over with Sam, and is interrupted by a call from a bank, where Lettie Mae is making a scene, accusing a loan officer of being a bigot for not giving her a loan for her exorcism. Tara drags Lettie Mae away, but not before she offers to have sex with the loan officer in exchange for the money. After this, Tara agrees to pay for Lettie Mae's treatment. Jason winds up at Fangtasia, desperate for V, and foolishly attempts to buy from the vampire bartender, Longshadow. A young woman named Amy Burley overhears and, pretending to be his girlfriend, gets Jason out of danger with a promise of V. Tara and Lettie Mae go into the woods to a woman named Miss Jeanette, a witch doctor who lives in a rundown bus and, after handing over nearly five hundred bucks, Lettie Mae gets her exorcism. Just as they are leaving, Miss Jeanette tells Tara that she has a demon too, a worse one than her mother and that if she ever wants to lead a happy life, she must have it exorcised. Tara laughs this off and they leave. At Merlotte's, Sookie's mood gives the previous night's events away and both Sam and Arlene are very judgemental of Sookie's decision to sleep with Bill and let him feed. Sookie tells everyone in the bar to mind their own business. In the dead of night, Bill hunts down uncle Bartlett, murders him and dumps his body in the river. Merlotte's is crashed by Malcolm, Diane and Liam who menace the patrons of Merlotte's but Bill shows up in time to stop them from hurting anyone, but only if he goes with them and stops messing around with humans. Bill agrees, leaving Sookie heartbroken. Amy and Jason wind up at his place, do V and wind up in bed together. Chuck, Wayne and Royce, furious at the trio of vampires, plot to kill them. Sookie tries to get Sam to intervene, but he refuses to get involved and, at the break of dawn, the three rednecks set fire to the house in which Malcolm, Diane and Liam are residing. Sookie searches Bill's house, hoping to find him, but she does not. Getting desperate, she races to the vampire trio's house, but arrives to find rescue workers pulling four burnt coffins out of the charred remains of the house.[24][25]

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  • S1Ep6: Cold Ground  10/12/2008  

    Sam and Bill, both very protective and territorial, promise to watch over Sookie, who refuses to leave the house her grandmother and she shared. As soon as Mike Spencer has Adele's body removed, Sookie is in the kitchen scrubbing up her Gran's blood. Andy and Bud discuss the case and although Andy regrets releasing Jason Stackhouse, Bud doubts he could murder his own grandmother. The next day, Sookie holds a wake for Adele in the house, which is full of nosy townspeople. Sookie loses it when Maxine Fortenberry attempts to make room in the fridge by moving the last pie Adele made before she was killed. Tara and Lafayette take Sookie upstairs and tell her not to worry about entertaining the people downstairs and to just feel whatever she's feeling. Sookie confesses that she doesn't think she is feeling anything at all. Jason, oblivious to his Gran's death, shows up at work stoned on V and learns the news from Hoyt and Rene. He races over to the wake, storms into Sookie's room and smacks her square on the face, screaming that it was her fault. Tara pushes Jason out, telling him she doesn't even know who he is anymore. Tara tries to comfort her, but the damage is already done. Outside, Andy confronts Jason and practically accuses him of murdering Adele and Jason shoves Andy down as though he weighed nothing. Gran's funeral the following day is more or less a disaster. Jason invites his and Sookie's estranged uncle Bartlett, which aggravates Sookie. Tara's mother Lettie Mae shows up and makes a speech about a woman she barely knew, Jason continues to struggle with his V-juice addiction and Sookie makes a fool of herself when she cannot block out the townspeople's thoughts and tells them all to "shut the fuck up!" When the funeral is over, Lettie Mae approaches Tara and tells her that she has a demon inside of her that makes her drink and she needs money for an exorcism. Tara thinks this is ridiculous and storms off. Sam takes Sookie home and she tells him that she wants to be alone, but Sam doesn't and neither does Tara. Finally alone, Sookie takes the pie out of the fridge and finally lets out her grief as she eats it, sobbing over every bite. Tara takes Sam back to her hotel room and they have sex. Afterwards, Tara starts to feel conflicted about her mother's problem and leaves Sam alone in the room. Sookie races to Bill's house, Bill hears her footsteps and sweeps her up. In Bill's house, they strip naked and Bill's fangs extend. Sookie tells him she wants him to do it, and Bill buries his teeth into her neck and starts to drink.[21][22]

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  • S1Ep5: Sparks Fly Out  10/5/2008  

    Bill's car arrives outside Sookie's house, and the two have an argument about their encounter with the police officer and Bill confesses that, had she not been there, he would have fed on the officer. Bill promises to never call her again and leaves. Sookie asks her gran about her problem and Adele suggests that she not be afraid or suspicious of him just because he is different. Tara is furious at Lafayette for selling V-juice to Jason and makes him promise to apologize. When Jason stops by, however, Lafayette convinces him to give vamp blood another try and instructs him on how to take it properly. At Merlotte's, Sam seizes his opportunity with Sookie and asks her to go with him to the Descendents of the Glorious Dead meeting and she agrees. Her suspicions about Tara and her brother are also raised when she learns that Tara lied to the police in order to give Jason an alibi for Dawn's murder. That night at the D.O.G.D. meeting, a large crowd has gathered at the church to hear Bill's speech. Among them are three rednecks named Chuck, Wayne and Royce, who are stirring up some trouble. Adele introduces Bill and he recounts the story about the loss of his friend Tolliver Humphries during the Civil War. The Mayor of Bon Temps presents Bill with a photograph of his long-lost wife and children, which stirs powerful emotions in Bill. After the meeting, Sookie and Sam go out for coffee. Everything is going well until the conversation turns to vampires and Sam insists that Bill is dangerous, no matter how she feels about him. At Merlotte's, the trio of rednecks continue to stir up trouble when Royce sends back a burger, saying it has AIDS. This causes Lafayette to fly into a rage and slams the burger in the boy's face. Jason, Rene and Hoyt are dining not far away and Hoyt fails to pick up a girl named Randi Sue. A very-stoned Jason professes his deep love for Tara, who is smart enough to wait until he is sober for this conversation. Bill is paid a visit at his house by Sheriff Bud Dearborne and Andy, who question him about the murders. Bill insists that no vampire could resist a body full of human blood, and since the victims were not exsanguinated, the murderer could not be a vampire. After they leave, Bill remembers how he was turned into a vampire by a woman named Lorena as he was making his way home to his family. She allows him to see them one last time from a distance, but assures him that his old life is over. Tara catches Jason having sex with Randi Sue in the alley behind Merlotte's, which infuriates her. Sookie takes a cab home from her dismal date with Sam and finds her gran lying on the kitchen floor, dead and in a pool of her own blood.[18][19]

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  • S1Ep4: Escape from Dragon House  9/28/2008  

    As Sookie screams for help, Jason shows up with a bouquet of flowers. Dawn's neighbor answers Sookie's calls and, upon seeing Dawn's body, accuses Jason of killing her and he storms off. Later, a large crowd of police and onlookers has gathered, including Arlene Fowler, another Merlotte's waitress, her boyfriend Rene Lenier and Hoyt Fortenberry, both of whom work on Jason's roadworks crew. Sam, who owns the block of houses, shows up to comfort Sookie just before Mike Spencer, the county coroner, and his assistant Neil bring Dawn's body out. Andy Bellefleur takes Jason in for questioning again and Jason, remembering that he has a vial of illegal vampire blood on him, swallows the whole thing. Halfway through his questioning, the overdose of "V-juice" gives Jason a severe case of priapism. He is rescued from the cops by Tara and, after she takes him home, Jason tries to rid himself of his erection, but nothing will work. Adele asks Sookie to read the townspeople's thoughts in order to find any evidence that will clear her brother's name. Desperate for relief, Jason goes to Merlotte's to see Lafayette, who cannot help him. After deducing Jason's use of V-juice, Tara insists on taking him to the hospital. In order to help in Sookie's investigation, Bill agrees to take her to a vampire bar in Shreveport named Fangtasia. Sam warns Sookie of the dangers of hanging around in such places, but she ignores them and goes anyway. When they arrive at Fangtasia, Bill and Sookie are admitted by an old vampire acquaintance of Bill's, Pam. Sookie describes the bar as it would be like if it was a ride at Disneyworld. At the hospital, Jason lies to the doctor about taking any drugs and, not wanting to risk a drug reaction, the doctor uses a large syringe to drain the blood out of Jason's penis without anesthesia. On the ride home, Jason sleeps and Tara reminisces about their childhood together, when Jason would protect her from her mother's drunken violence. It seems that Tara is in love with Jason. At Fangtasia, Bill and Sookie are summoned by Eric Northman, a thousand-year-old Viking vampire and owner of the bar. Sookie shows him pictures of Maudette and Dawn and Eric reveals that he slept with Dawn, but rejected Maudette. Sookie senses that a human is being fed on in the bathroom just before a police raid on Fangtasia, and she, Bill, Pam and Eric manage to escape just in time. On their way back to Bon Temps, Bill is pulled over by a police officer and the situation gets out of hand when Bill glamours the officer. Sookie is afraid Bill is going to kill him, but instead he simply drives off after warning the officer to be careful the next time he pulls someone over on suspicion of being a vampire. The episode ends with Sam letting himself into Dawn's old house and rolling around in her sheets, sniffing and writhing as though in sexual ecstasy.[15][16]

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  • S1Ep3: Mine  9/21/2008  

    In order to save Sookie from Malcolm, Diane and Liam, who are about to feed on her, Bill claims Sookie as his human, declaring "Sookie is mine". With Sookie safe, for the time being at least, Malcolm offers to let Bill feed on Jerry, a young human the trio carry around with them as a toy. Bill is about to feed, but Sookie looks into Jerry's mind and sees that he has Hepatitis D, an infection that only infects vampires. Now robbed at his chance at revenge for the loss of his boyfriend to vampire blood addiction, Jerry attacks Sookie but Bill stops him and knocks him out. Diane wants to know how Sookie knew about Jerry's intentions, but Bill manages to get the group out the door before they can ask any more questions. The incident leaves Sookie shaken and with doubts about her relationship with Bill. At Merlotte's, Sam and Tara close up for the night and share a few drinks. They talk about being lonely and come to an arrangement, whereby they have sex just this one time. Dawn returns home and her little game with Jason quickly turns into more rough sex. However, knowing that Dawn has been with vampires causes Jason to lose his erection and the two have an argument about sex with vampires, which results in Dawn threatening Jason with a gun and throwing him out of her house, all of which is witnessed by Dawn's neighbor. Bill pays a visit to Malcolm, Diane and Liam and tells them to leave Sookie alone. They criticize him for his mainstreaming and suggest that the Great Revelation was not a good idea. Tara returns home and is attacked by her alcoholic mother Lettie Mae, who calls her a whore and scares Tara out of the house. She drops in on Lafayette, just as a state senator is leaving his "appointment" and asks for a place to stay. Sookie has a dream in which Bill takes her virginity and, after a discussion with Adele, decides that she should give Bill another chance. Jason goes to Lafayette's house to get some Viagra, but ends up with a vial of vampire blood, which Lafayette instructs him only to take one or two drops of at a time. To get it, Jason has to dance on camera for Lafayette's website and Tara gets a much appreciated view of Jason's performance. Sam asks Sookie to swing by Dawn's house as she did not show up for work. Sookie obliges and finds Dawn's dead body sprawled out on her bed.[13][14]

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  • S1Ep2: The First Taste  9/14/2008  

    The Rattrays are brutally beating Sookie as she bleeds on the ground. They are about to kill her when Bill suddenly intervenes. He kills both Rattrays and takes Sookie to the edge of a lake, where he offers her some of his vampire blood, which has special properties that allow her to completely heal instantly. Sookie asks him about being a guest speaker at her grandmother's next meeting and he agrees to that and to call in on her at her house the next evening to meet her family. Meanwhile, Jason is shown a videotape of him with Maudette and it turns out that Jason thought he had choked her to death during sex, but that she was only fooling around with him. Sheriff Dearborne and Detective Bellefleur aren't entirely convinced Jason didn't kill Maudette, but he is eventually released. Tara returns home from work to find her alcoholic mother passed out on the couch and she asks her flamboyant cousin Lafayette, who is also the Merlotte's cook, to take her to a party. He agrees. Jason meets up with an old flame and another Merlotte's waitress, Dawn and the two spend the night together. The next morning, he discovers vampire bite marks on her neck. Sookie learns that the police found the Rattrays' bodies in the wreckage of their trailer and have ruled that they were killed by a freak tornado. Sookie also notices throughout the day that her sense of smell and taste have been enhanced by Bill's blood. That night Bill meets with Adele, Jason and Tara at Sookie's house. He takes her for a starlit walk and they share their first kiss. The next day Dawn heads for work, leaving Jason tied up on her bed. At Merlotte's, Sookie learns that Reverend Theodore Newlin, founder of the anti-vampire church the Fellowship of the Sun, along with his wife and daughter were killed in an accident. Questioning just how far vampires are willing to go, she races to Bill's house to ask him about the incident where she is set upon by three strange vampires, including the bald-headed man seen in Maudette's sex tape.[10][11]

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  • S1Ep1: Strange Love  9/7/2008  

    It has been two years since the invention of the synthetic plasma TruBlood that has allowed vampires to make their presence known to mankind. In the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, 25-year-old waitress Sookie Stackhouse struggles with being telepathic and not being able to control hearing the thoughts of everyone she sees. That is until 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton walks into Merlotte's bar where Sookie works. She is immediately drawn to him, and so are Mac and Denise Rattray, a couple of local thugs who later attack Bill with silver and try to drain his blood so that they can sell it on the black market. But Sookie rescues him and drives the Rattrays away, after which she learns that not only is Bill equally interested in her, but that she cannot read his thoughts as his brain is technically dead. Meanwhile, Sookie's hard-talking best friend Tara Thornton is fired from her job when she mouths off to her boss and a customer and Sam Merlotte hires her as the new bartender. Meanwhile, Sookie's brother Jason Stackhouse has a sexual interlude with a young woman named Maudette Pickens, who enjoys rough sex with vampires. She shows Jason a videotape of her with a bald-headed, tattooed vampire and later she videotapes them having rough sex. The next day, Jason is arrested by Sheriff Bud Dearborne and Detective Andy Bellefleur for murder of Maudette, who was killed the night before. Sookie's grandmother Adele asks if Sookie thinks she can get the vampire Bill to speak at her Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting. And at Merlotte's that night, Bill agrees to meet her in the parking lot after work to discuss the favor. Sookie gets into a heated argument with Sam and Tara, who believe that getting involved with a vampire could be very dangerous and Sookie tells them both to stay out of her life. After work Sookie and Sam make amends with one another and alone in the parking lot, Sookie is suddenly and savagely attacked by the Rattrays, out for revenge.[7][8]

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