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List of Wartime Farm episodes

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Season 1

  • S1Ep8:   10/25/2012  

    The team attempt to tackle the conditions of 1945 and get ready to harvest the wheat crop following one of the wettest summers in living memory.

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  • S1Ep7:   10/18/2012  

    The team have to deal with the farming conditions of 1944 when the country had been at war for five years and millions of troops packed into the fields of southern England as the Allies prepared for the D-Day landings.

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  • S1Ep6:   10/11/2012  

    The team have to deal with the conditions faced by British farmers in 1943, as food imports slumped to their lowest level during the war. Alex and Peter use some clever 1940s technology to produce a hay crop from grass in the church yard. Ruthgets some children to help her collect herbs that were needed to make medicines during the war and finds out about the methods women used to look good despite the restrictions of rationing.

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  • S1Ep5:   10/4/2012  

    The team attempt to deal with the conditions of 1942, when British farmers and the nation as a whole suffered from the massive shortages of vital materials such as wood, fuel and food. Ruth and her daughter Eve make their way to the New Forest to find out more about the story of the Women's Timber Corps. Peter and Alex face up to the wartime petrol crisis and find out how coal was so vital.

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  • S1Ep4:   9/27/2012  

    Ruth, Alex and Peter continue to turn the clock back to run Manor Farm in Hampshire exactly as it would have been during World War 2. They are tasked with doubling domestic food production due to the Nazi blockade.

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  • S1Ep3:   9/20/2012  

    The team attempt to tackle the conditions faced by British farmers in late 1940, as the heavy bombing of the Blitz destroyed Britain's cities and drove millions to seek refuge in the countryside. Alex and Peter have to work in the freezing cold to turn inhabitable outbuildings into refugee shelters. They also are taught how to set up 'decoy fires' to distract German bombers. Ruth becomes involved with the Royal Observer Corps.

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  • S1Ep2:   9/13/2012  

    The team attempt to deal with the conditions faced by British farmers in 1940, when the full impact of rationing took hold and which also saw Britain face the onslaught of Nazi bombing in the Blitz. Ruth learns how the impact rationing had in the kitchen as food became strictly limited. Alex and Peter have to deal with vastly reduced supplies of feed for the animals.

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  • S1Ep1:   9/6/2012  

    This week sees the return of the next instalment of the BBC

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